McKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – McKinney North High School no longer has doors at the entrance of their bathrooms.

The exterior bathroom doors were removed last week.

Rumors at the school and floating on social media websites say the move was taken to keep students from having sex in the bathrooms, but school officials deny that.

“Often times, now in newer school designs they do take off or omit the exterior doors to the restroom and really it’s just a supervision issue,” explained McKinney ISD Spokesman Cody Cunningham.

Cunningham said the change is just about “keeping kids safe”.

Some parents said the removals violate student privacy. Cunningham said that type of thinking is archaic.

“If you use that logic then we would be in schools that looked exactly like they did 50 years ago,” he said, “where you have 50 points of entrance, you have exterior doors from classrooms to the outside, which is not safe.”

Even with the doors removed, the restrooms entrances are designed where there is no line of sight from the hallways to the actual restroom facilities.