Cameras Catch Shootout With Dallas Tow Truck Driver

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Esau Vences of Dallas knows that every time he tows a vehicle, somebody is bound to be angry. “It is very dangerous. I got a wife and two little girls,” explained the 29-year-old driver.

Vences was towing a van, just after midnight, Sunday from the Westwood Apartment Complex in northwest Dallas. That’s when he heard the first shot. “They shot another two shots. I looked back and sure enough, they’re shooting,” recalled Vences. “So I got my pistol and I look back and I shoot it.”

Camera video from Vences’ truck shows two men rushing toward him. One man reaches into his jacket and appears to pull something out. Vences says it was a gun and he had no choice but to pull his licensed handgun and fire back. The bullet struck the man, but did not kill him.

Dallas police however, arrested Vences. He was later released after police watched the video.

There are four cameras on Vences’ tow truck. The father of two says if not for the cameras, he would still be sitting in jail.

Vences is employed by Longhorn Wreckers. In May of last year, two towers for Longhorn were fired upon at an apartment complex  in northwest Dallas. One employee was killed, the other employee returned fire and killed the gunman.

Tow truck cameras also captured that shooting. “That’s the whole reason I put them up,” said Patrick Grahmann, a manager for Longhorn Wreckers. “Everybody has a story and it’s never the right story when it comes to towing. The cameras never lie,” added Grahmann.

Dallas police are still investigating the shooting, but so far, no charges have been filed.


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  1. Jason says:

    Thieves are what they are, they are working with apartment complexes to extort money from low income residents and their guests. They should all be shot on site and who cares if you have a wife and children, you are a thief. You lurk around apartments in the dead of night and steal other peoples property and then force them to pay large sums of money to recover what is theirs.

    1. Jose says:

      The person who got shot was screaming at the tow truck driver to stop and he would give him some money, he had no gun he was pulling out his wallet to pay the truck driver from taking the van, a few weeks before this incident the tow truck driver had received $$$$ before towing another vehicle, “he is a freaking thief” he got the money and didn’t tow the vehicle. the guy with the hat is not even the person who got shot. I”m a close friend of the person who got shot, he doesn’t even own a gun. and yes the tow truck driver was towing the van illegally if was before 12:00 am.

  2. bob says:

    I agree!!! Legal theft is all this is. Every tow truck driver that takes someone’s car from a private residence should be shot.

  3. Tony Jones says:

    Jason, Bob
    You guys are idiots and probably have no clue of what responsibility is. You are responsible for your vehicle. If there are HUGE red and white sings that say “Dont Park Here” and you decide to do so, what should happen? Heres a clue, “YOU GET TOWED.” Bob, it was a private residence, it just wasnt his. What if I came parked my hummer on your front lawn, would you have it towed? If you dont pay your mortgage or car note what happens? Men with attitudes come and take your home and car. Seems simple doesnt it? Do what you are suppose to do. Be responsible. Take care of your business or someone else will. And if you decide to shoot at the people taking care of “YOUR” business? Well, all I can say is it could cost you more than you could ever know. Be responsible.

    1. Jason says:

      Mr. Jones, it never ceases to amaze me how some people are so self-righteous about these things. Do you have any first hand experience? No I suppose not, you are just another “I’m better and smarter” blow hard. We are not talking about people parking in the wrong spaces or whatnot. We are talking about people using the proper parking spaces and still getting towed. My daughters car was towed where she lives and the same complex was looking to tow my own vehicle while I was visiting her on Thanksgiving, while I was parked right in front of her apartment in a legal parking spot. This was close to midnight and if I had not left when I did I would have been towed. You haven’t a clue do you, you live in your own little fantasy world where all you have to do is follow the law and be “responsible”. That only works if you have money you moron!

      1. Tony Jones says:

        As I said before, IDIOT.
        I do have quite a bit of first hand experience when it comes to cars being towed. If you look in the story that references a shooting where 2 were killed back in May I was the one who shot the suspect after he killed my partner. But here we go again about RESPONSIBILITY. If your daughter got towed illegally as you claim, why not go to tow court? Better yet why not go to the office and say you were illegally towed. That would be the RESPONSIBLE thing to do. Did you know you are entitled to 3 times any amount of money you pay for an illegal tow? ITS THE LAW. Is it possible you were being towed because you were parked in RESIDENT parking without a RESIDENT STICKER? If you do not live there you are not entitled to any parking space in the lot? Maybe the property starts towing a certain time if you don have a sticker. BE RESPONSIBLE… READ THE SIGNS. FOLLOW THE LAW. It doesn’t take money to follow the law and be responsible. “you live in your own little fantasy world where all you have to do is follow the law and be responsible. That only works if you have money you moron’. WOW.. I believe my opening comment explains it all.. IDIOT. But I digress, This story is about this particular car being towed for being illegally parked and a irresponsible potential murderer shooting at someone over it. His actions weren’t legal, reasonable or responsible. But try if you will to justify an illegal act all in the name of broke irresponsibility. IDIOT. Cant wait to hear from the patriarch of irresponsible slackers. BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS.

      2. Jason says:

        Idiot? This coming from a confessed thief and murderer?

      3. Tony Jones says:

        And if towed illegally do the responsible thing and have the driver and towing company held RESPONSIBLE. You can do that UNDER THE LAW.

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