DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Police are looking for three unusual suspects: The crooks are no more than three feet tall, and none of them look old enough to have finished the second grade.

But a Dallas man says they stole some important packages from his front porch.

Bob Moseley, also known as VideoBob, caught them in the act on his video surveillance cameras.

The mailman dropped off two packages at Moseley’s home Tuesday morning around 10:45 a.m.

“You can see the mailman delivering the two packages. And, he rang the doorbell. But, I ignored it. I wish I had gotten up and got the packages,” Moseley said.

Two hours later, his video shows the packages still on the porch. Then, three little bandits entered the pictured and pilfered them.

“I thought it might be some hood criminal,” he said. “It was three cute little girls!”

The girls, looking no more than eight, were decked out in bright little jackets –– purple, blue and green. One wore boots that were bright pink.

Moseley’s video shows them looking at the packages and ringing the doorbell.

“I don’t know if they were advertising a service or trying to sell me something or if it was just part of a ruse to find out if anybody was home before they ran off with my packages,” Moseley said.

Inside one of the packages was a 1980s Krup’s Coffee Grinder from Germany. Back to the Future fans know the machine as Mr. Fusion.

Moseley builds replica DeLorean time machines.

He’s built nine so far. But the alleged kiddie crooks made off with the latest Mr. Fusion which, as every fan knows, feeds the Flux Capacitor.

“I wish I could go back in time and get my packages,” Moseley said.

The girls were only on Moseley’s front porch for about four minutes. He wondered if they had help from an adult.

“I’m thinking maybe they came from a car and got back into a car. Maybe it’s some kind of mail theft ring. I don’t know,” Moseley said.

Moseley said he’d never seen the girls before. Neither had his neighbors.

He said he filed a report with police and printed posters with pictures from his surveillance video. He plans to post them in the area to see if anyone else recognizes the girls.

“Stealing mail is a federal offense. I think anybody knows that except these little girls. And they took two boxes so they’re starting off their felony career pretty early,” Moseley said.

However, he doesn’t intend to prosecute.

“I mean, who’s going to prosecute a felony offense on a little eight-year-old girl?” he asked.

Moseley said he bought the rare coffee grinder on eBay for $100. The other box contained some small replacement parts for a Back to the Future pinball machine he owns.

Back to the Future Fans know Mr. Fusion feeds the Flux Capacitor. Without it, there’s no time travel.

Bob Moseley knows he can’t go back in time. He said he only wants the girls to go back to his front door and return his packages.