Texas School Cancels Sports To Focus On Academics

PREMONT  (AP) – An academically struggling South Texas school district has decided to cancel student sports and use the money for improving education.

Trustees of the Premont Independent School District last week signed an agreement with the Texas Education Agency allowing the underperforming district to stay open through December.

Premont is a town of nearly 2,700, located 65 miles southwest of Corpus Christi. The district has about 700 students.

The Corpus Christi Caller-Times reported Wednesday that Premont in 2011 earned the state’s lowest rating, of unacceptable, for the second time in three years.

Superintendent Ernest Singleton says the ban on athletics will start following the end of the basketball season.

He says the district should save $50,000 this spring by dropping sports and using the money for two new science labs.

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One Comment

  1. About Time says:


  2. REALLY?? says:

    Adding two new science labs is going to fix their unacceptable rating by the TEA???

    1. Xn says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Personally, I don’t think I ever learned anything in a science lab (except maybe that wet glass can be REALLY slippery) because the teacher always spent at least two days covering what we were supposed to observe in the lab before we went in.

      Science labs may help if the school is only failing because of science scores, but I seriously doubt that. If this is the decision they’re contemplating, the problem is probably somewhere in administration.

  3. pliska says:

    how about removing poor teachers

    1. The truth says:

      I always love how people are so fast to blame teachers for poor preforming kids. The teachers can only teach the kids the hour or so they have them in school. It is up to the kids to go home and study the lessons and the parents to make them study. Studying the lessons is what makes kids learn.

      1. Christopher Everette says:

        I always love how people are so fast to defend all teachers, as though they are all perfect.

      2. Owl says:

        Maybe the left will stop defending teachers and firemen and police when the right stops defending clowns like Newt Gingrich.

    2. Matthew Ebert says:

      We applaud people for being manly and sports-like, and laugh at them if they’re bookish or professorial. We like scapegoats, it makes it easier for us to feel like we retain the high ground. But I’ll rise to your provocation. As far as I know, poor teachers are removed. Therefore poor teaching can’t be to blame for students not learning. Maybe parents should haul their butts away from the Playstation and Facebook, sit down and do homework with the kids, and while they’re at it, eat a better diet that doesn’t cause diabetes and heart disease. Oooh, I sound like a PANSY! Oh well, facts don’t cure ignorance.

      1. The F Bomb says:

        Paystation is amazing and entirely educational. If your parents would have done a better job, you would know that. Pansy.

  4. obbop says:

    All bow down to the “cult of sports” within K-12 TAXPAYER-paid schooling.

    If necessary, toss out home owners and auction off those houses so that more.. more… MORE money can be handed over to education institutions and bureaucracies since THE CHILDREN (peace be upon them) are more important that anything.

    And we MUST increase educational system bureaucrat’s wages even higher!!!!

    And to ensure the best educational bureaucracy possible we need at least one administrator for every two to three in-classroom instructors.

    Think of the children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lenny says:

    Well it’s either sports or have China rule the world because they actually developed their academics and can stay competitive in the global work force!

  6. Lenny says:

    Wait durp! Sorry I just woke up! I meant to say either an academic science lab OR keep your sports and China rule the world because they actually developed their academics and can stay competitive in the global work force!

  7. Charlie Potts says:

    But now the Koreans will beat us at football!

  8. David Kopelman says:

    The premise of this article is insulting to Southerners.

  9. Skip says:

    Good! Stop wasting tax dollars on sportrs & start thinking on education! And while you’re at it, teach the parents to pull their little undisciplined snowflakes off their XBoxes & cell phones & make them do their homework!!!

  10. TrueBlueTexan says:

    Be nice if this was made into a law to where no sports are funded by taxpayers no matter what grades the school is making. After all free education is for education and there is absolutely nothing educational about sports. I want any money forced out of me to benefit every child, not just a few like sports does.
    Another law I would like to see it one to where administrators or anyone in the system cannot make more than double the amount 1 teacher is paid, that would get rid of all the rift raft that does not really care about education and add more money back into the system for classrooms and teachers.
    The educated South would have no problem with either of these laws, those making bucks off the current system will though. If you are so into sports then fund it yourself, but make sure only legal aged adults get harmed by it.

  11. Mister says:

    Premont has a large population of illegal immigrants and most of the students can hardly speak a proper sentence in english. Perhaps this is part of the problem. “Hispanic or Latino of any race were 84.05% of the population” -Wiki

  12. Dr. Julius M'Bings says:

    As a former educator myself, I’ve observed that the basic problem in all such situations is the CURRICULUM. Throwing more money at the problem is not going to solve it. While I applaud cutting out useless things like sports, using the money saved to buy 2 new science labs will definitely not solve the problem. If, as Mister says, the population is 84.05% immigrant, then start by instituting an ESL program for them. For all the non-immigrants, make it mandatory to take not one, but TWO foreign languages. Cut out useless courses like music appreciation, sex ed, basket weaving, etc., and replace with courses like economics, Latin, logic and rhetoric, and small business administration. In other words, practical courses that will help level the playing field (pun intended) for these kids on an international level.
    Furthermore, you’re not going to increase the success of any school district by making the curriculum easier. Quite the contrary, that just will just make it all the more boring and frustrating for the kids who really do want to learn, and trust me on this one: all kids are inherently curious are really do want to learn.
    As an immigrant myself, I was fortunate enough to have made it to college, and learn all of the aforementioned, at which point I realized that the only things I actually learned well in high school was how to drink beer and smoke pot.

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