CBS 11 anchor Keith Garvin and photojournalist Edgar Solis are traveling to Afghanistan to see the U.S. war effort firsthand. In February they will bring back a series of stories about our troops there.  While they are traveling, Keith is writing this blog for CBSDFW.COM.

BAGRAM AIR BASE, AFGHANISTAN (CBSDFW.COM) Friday, January 20th: – We finally made it to Afghanistan!  We got in just after midnight & are spending our first full day here.

When we arrived it was 7 degrees outside.  We’ve warmed up quite a bit to 39 degrees on a very sunny day.

It’s super cold but Bagram sits in a valley of the Hindu Kush mountains & they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  Huge & imposing, they are covered in snow and impressive.  When I woke up & saw them in the daylight for the first time my first reaction was “Wow!”

It’s hard to believe this gorgeous mountain range has been the backdrop of so much bloodshed over so many decades.

Bagram Air Field is a very busy base.  It’s the headquarters of the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan.  There are 32,000 troops in all.  25,000 are from the U.S.  The rest are from France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, & several other nations.

Edgar & I are spending our first day with a briefing from the head public affairs officer & learning our way around the base.  And we’ll be shooting our second story of the trip as well.  Glad we finally made it!

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