CBS News: Gingrich Wins S.C. Primary, Romney In Second

129591092 CBS News: Gingrich Wins S.C. Primary, Romney In Second

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich speaks during a Republican presidential debate on October 18, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A CBS News analysis of exit polls and early vote totals show that Newt Gingrich has defeated Mitt Romney in the South Carolina primary.

According to CBS News, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are fighting for third place in the primary.

Head over to for more in-depth coverage of the primary, including this piece of analysis that breaks down how Gingrich raced to the top:

Gingrich’s win was due in large part to his strong performance in two debates in the state this week. Nearly two in three GOP primary voters said the debates played an important role in their decision, and more than half (53 percent) made up their minds in the last few days, according to exit poll data.

Among these late-deciders, Gingrich was the clear favorite: 45 percent backed him, compared to 24 percent for Romney and 19 percent for Rick Santorum. And among the 64 percent who said the debates were an important factor, 50 percent backed Gingrich, while just 23 percent were backing Romney.

When Gov. Rick Perry withdrew his name from the presidential race earlier this week, the former U.S. Speaker of the House was who he endorsed.


One Comment

  1. altha says:

    Gingrich, You didn’t win in South Carolina everybody feel sorry for you.

  2. susan says:

    winning a primary doesnt mean winning the presidential election..gingrich is smarmy and sneaky and his character is far from untarnished..he was not a good speaker of the house and lord deliver us from him being elected president!!

    1. Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot says:

      I totally concur. Why would any self proclaimed Christian Conservative vote for this slime bag, womanizing draft, dodging Newt Gingrich!

  3. Jerry Frey says:

    The way it is:

    Obama re-elected.

    The way it was.

    Perry – Dubya redux, thinks entitlement programs are unconstitutional; Paul – an Austrian oddity; Santorum – nothing better to do; Bachmann – get a clue, no accomplishments in Congress; Cain – flavor of the month – happy hands; Huntsman – no traction; Gingrich – consummate DC insider; liar and hypocrite; Romney – plastic fantastic, spineless – Kerry do-over. Sarah Palin still lurks about marketing her brand.

  4. Lizard Lounge says:

    S C made the only choice that makes sense.
    Cant help but feel Romney is being forced on us.

    At the very least Newt feels like a choice.
    Plus I really beleive Romney would choke in Debates VS Obama(Romney Stumbles constantly)
    Newt’s past is a none issue after three years with Obama.

    Newt will get the nomination. And we will all rally behind him.

    Newt is vetted and ready. There is no “Superman” out there in the politcal arena.

    Wait everybody thought Obama was a superman. Look were we are.

    1. Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot says:

      I love the way all the idiot Republican leaders keep saying “the government needs to get out of the way of corporations”; that is until their corporate buddies start floundering because of their own stupid greedy, high risk business practices and then these same idiot Republican leaders start ordering for tax payers to pay for their corporate buddies mistakes. Then just like in 2008 when George W. Bush gave over $900 billion in bailout to AIG, Fannie May & Freddy Mac, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, all of which are responsible for economic disaster we’re now in.

  5. its me says:

    Keep dreaming lizard lounge. Who knew serial adultery was a conservative value? Oh that’s right… EVERYONE. Newt could have had his ex whacked instead of divorcing her and he still would have won SC (well known for their ingrained bigotry) against a mormon. Newt’s unabashed racism and philandering may play in some parts of the country (including texas I’m guessing), but not all of it. Newt = no chance. I love it.

  6. There is No God says:

    Isn’t Professor Gingrich wonderful standing there are all proud of his win with his 23 years younger heavly bleached blonde wife? I think they represent everything wonderful in the forgiveness of Christ. Because we all know born agains want you to cheat on your wives and then when they won’t let you divorce them and marry the mistress. Born again Christians are wonderful examples of morals in America.

  7. NiteNurse says:

    This is the man who called for Bill Clinton’s impeachment because of infidelity? During this time Gingrich was also cheating on his wife. I wouldn’t have a problem with this had he just kept quiet and not put this country through what he did. Just think of all the wonderful situations Newt could get this country in due to his hair trigger temper and hypocritical ways.

  8. FedUpTxn says:

    So now Cain is endorsing Gingrich, one womanizer supporting another. Who’s suprirsed? Birds of a feather. If these two can’t be faithful to their wives, how faithful do you think they will be to the American people? All the insane antics pulled over the past three years by Republicans who even attack one another is enough to insure Obama will remain in office, and righfully so.

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