Through The Lens: Rainbow Wildlife Rescue

It takes a special kind of person that can take a wild animal into their home for rehabilitation. In today’s Through the Lens I met Birgit Sommer, the woman that runs Rainbow Wildlife Rescue in Weatherford.

Sommer recently moved her whole operation from her quarter acre home in Stephenville to her new location with more that two acres to accommodate more animals.  She is getting ready for the spring rush of baby animals.  Last year she nursed more that 300 critters back to health. Everything from squirrels to possums needing bottle feeding and tender loving care until they can be released back into the wild.

The problem she and all of her future patients is facing is that all the enclosures and pens she had up in Stephenville have not been put up at her new property.  She relies heavily on volunteer groups to help her build those enclosures.  She is asking for help because she knows the orphaned animals will be showing up at her door very soon.

She permanently cares for four very cute coati, a raccoon she uses for educational programs, some sugar gliders that were rescued from a cruel owner and several rescued dogs.

If you would like to help out you can go to the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue website


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  1. sue says:

    I hope this Rescue gets a lot of coverage. She took three baby squirrels that we had found in a tree that was cut down. The mama didn’t return. She raised them til they were of age to let go. I hope that this story and many others will get her the help that she needs to build up her Rescue!!

  2. Joanne Arnold says:

    I don’t live in Texas or even close to Birgit and Rainbow Wildlife Rescue but came to know her through Facebook (I live in Illinois). I find Birgit to be a wonderful person with such a GREAT capacity for kindness and compassion towards wild animals and those animals that people have abandoned or found they couldn’t care far. Personally ANY animal that ends up in Birgit’s care is to be considered FORTUNATE!

    I sincerely HOPE that those near Rainbow Wildlife Rescue will reach out PHYSICALLY AND FINANCIALLY to help this more than WORTHY effort, that of caring for the many wild and domestic creatures near Weatherford that are taken in by Birgiit.

    Anyone from ANY WHERE can donate to this animal rescue and I encourage everyone to do so!

    1. Birgit Sommer says:

      Thank you, Joanne! We have a a few more weeks left to put up enclosures, so everybody with a little bit of knowledge of how to put 2 x 4s together and dig holes for fence posts is welcome! Please email Birgit Sommer at !

  3. Zach Glenwright says:

    Thank you for covering this story – it’s definitely nice to see stories about people helping wildlife instead of needing to eradicate them! I’ve been both a nature videographer and a video editor for a local TV News station in PA for more than a decade, and have seen how news stories typically focus on how wildlife causes problems. Focusing on wildlife rehabilitation is definitely a good thing, because rehabilitators do their best to educate the public on ways to prevent those same problems from happening in the first place, and help injured animals that get caught up in them!

    I’ve also known Birgit for years, mainly through online rehab postings and Facebook and can definitely vouch for her and her efforts! She needs help now setting things up before the spring starts and baby season is underway, and I hope this report gives her as much help as it can!

  4. Richard Temple Burr II says:

    We enjoy following Birgit’s rescue adventures and have learned much by watching her stories on Facebook and YouTube. Thanks for featuring a great cause and a wonderful loving animal advocate. We will be sharing this article and video with our friends.

  5. Birgit Sommer says:

    Thank you!! It’s good see that there are supporters out there :-).

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