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Lakes & Reservoirs Greatly Benefit From Rainfall

By Jeff Jamison, CBS11 News
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Jeff Jamison Jeff Jamison
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The 3-5″ of rainfall over a widespread area of North Texas is, by and large, a good news story.  Because most of North Texas is still technically in drought, every drop of rain was welcome.  Because of the wet December, our soil moisture levels had improved quite a bit, but little run-off did not improve markedly our lake levels.  That changed with this rain event.  Check out the current lake levels as of Wednesday afternoon:

1hd lake levels 1 Lakes & Reservoirs Greatly Benefit From Rainfall

1hd lake levels1 1 Lakes & Reservoirs Greatly Benefit From Rainfall

Incredibly, Lake Arlington & Joe Pool Lake are now above normal pool stage.  And the water rise over the past 24 hours is quite impressive:

jj list 5 Lakes & Reservoirs Greatly Benefit From Rainfall

Well likely see the lake levels increase a bit more over the next couple of days as bloated rivers and creeks feed into these lakes and reservoirs.

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