DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Police in Garland say what began as a wild night of partying quickly got out of control and now two teenage girls are being charged with Capital Murder.

The first inkling something was wrong came Tuesday when officers made a discovery.

“Coincidentally early yesterday morning, about seven o’clock, we got a call in south Garland of a Nissan van on fire,” recalled Garland Police Department spokesman Joe Harn.

Harn said it was later that morning when 17-year-old Tatina Daniels and Teresa Price, 18, showed up at the Dallas Police Department, and told them of a murder. The man killed was Jesse Morales.

“Ends up that that van was the one that belonged to Mr. Morales,” Harn said.

The teens, both from Dallas, told police they had met Morales to party.

Harn said, “They had agreed to go to a motel; there they were doing drugs, alcohol and sex. At some point, this party got of hand and ended up resulting in the death of Mr. Morales.”

Police later found Morales, 40, stabbed to death in a room at the Kingsley Inn and Suites, located in 3500 block of Kingsley Road.

Both Daniels and Price face the more serious charge of Capital Murder, because they took money and belongings from Morales, along with his 1996 van.

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