Dallas ISD Board Votes To Close 11 Schools

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas ISD Board of Trustees has voted to close 11 schools in a cost-cutting measure slated to save the district $11.5 million for the 2012-2013 school year.

Students at those 11 campuses will be dispersed to nearby schools.

The controversial vote passed 6-2 Thursday night in a board meeting highlighted by heated debate.

At one point in the evening several trustees stepped away from the meeting due to protests and angry speakers, retreating to a smaller room at district headquarters to conduct the meeting via a closed-circuit TV.

Trustees who favor closing the 11 schools, argue that it will save the district from laying off 171 teachers next year in order to cut costs.

Although the district says closing the schools will save $11.5 million, DISD still needs to cut another $13.5 million by June.

The school board also voted to increase the workday for teachers by 45 minutes.

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One Comment

  1. DDR says:

    No comments here, but scores of comments on the Kardashians. What does that tell you about our priorities?

  2. norulers says:

    Close them all! If you parents want schools for YOUR children (not “OURS”) then YOU pay for them. It’s time for these irresponsible parents to grow up, become adults, and pay 100% of their children’s education.

    1. Harvard Snob says:

      You’re an idiot.

      1. norulers says:

        Idiot? Why? Please explain. Please make use of your wonderful Harvard (idiot factory) knowledge and explain yourself. Please bless us with your immense knowledge justifying forcibly extracting wealth from other people and redistributing it to lazy parasites. Please explain how wonderful Marxism is and how it will continue to enrich our lives and advance civilization. Please, tell us about your wonderful life experience of being a state bootlicker!

      2. Harvard Snob says:

        We’ve had taxpayer funded schools for several decades now, IDIOT, that’s why your comment is totally moronic. Some of the best schools in the country are public schools. Shut them all down? You ARE a twit. Not everyone can afford to school their children privately for 18+ years. By the way, LOSER, I’m a lifelong member of the GOP and hardly a Marxist. The difference between a Marxist and a non-Marxist is the Marxist reads Marx and Lenin and the non-Marxist UNDERSTANDS them. I’m the latter.

      3. norules says:

        You’re right. You’re NOT a Marxist. You’re a FASCIST. Those losers on the left are better at being Marxist. Both are authoritarian and believe violence, theft, coercion and murder are proper ways to advance a civilization. You’re obviously too ignorant to know, but government run (public) schools are one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto. Read it sometime, if you’re literate enough.
        Some of the best schools in the country are government schools? Best for whom? All they create are trained poodles, ready and willing to die in the Empire’s wars. People could afford private alternatives if the criminal state and its allied banksters weren’t pillaging them. Many could afford it NOW if they were willing to sacrifice their new, shiny cars, unnecessarily huge homes, and wide screen idiot boxes. They care more about their adult toys than their kids. Yes, you “understand” Marxism well- and actively practice it VERY well!

      4. Harvard Snob says:

        I practice Marxism? I thought you just stated I was a fascist? You really are a stupid crackpot.

      5. norulers says:

        The Amerikan ruling class has perfected its own unique mix of Marxism and Fascism. It draws on both, depending which viewpoint offers the best opportunity to solidify its power. This has resulted in the most despicable, murderous , degenerate, thieving, anti-liberty regime in the history of the planet. Joy will abound throughout the world (particularly North America) when it all comes crumbling down.

      6. norulers = no brains says:

        LOL. This idiot REEKS of Ron Paul’s insanity.

      7. norulers = no brains says:

        HAHA. This loser, norulers, is a complete imbecile. The tactics of any oppressive regime, Marxist or fascist, is oppression, murder, etc. He lost when you brought up the point about his calling you a fascist then a Marxist, so now he conveniently says the U.S. is a perfect blend of the two. Well, why didn’t you say that originally regarding Harvard Snob’s views? You are so outmatched. Let’s see how you’ll embarrass yourself again. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, jacka–.

      8. Nighty Night says:

        The funny thing is, Harvard Snob wins even when DRUNK. What does that tell you about your own intellectual ability (or lack thereof)?

    2. norulers = no brains says:

      HS, I’ll bet $1000 that loon (norulers) is a Ron Paul kook. Hell, I’ll bet $10,000.

      1. Harvard Snob says:

        I was going to just say KOOK and collect my money from you, but reading into all the quasi-anarchist paranoid lunacy, I’ll have to say Ron Paul nut, too. Let’s double-up the bet. I’m going to guess he’s a rabid anti-Semite as well.

      2. norulers says:

        To Harvard Snob Bootlicker- looks like you’re following your master’s talking points well. You can’t defend your failed ideology or counter an intelligent argument destroying its legitimacy, so you throw out the ol’ anti-Jew, racist charge. Well, it looks like you have admitted defeat!.. Enjoy your time in Obama’s gulag!

      3. Harvard Snob says:

        Norules/norulers, sorry for the late reply. I had a fantastic evening at Nick and Sam’s and I’m quite drunk right now. I’ll reply to you later, champ. How does that sound, sport?

        By the way, how did I admit defeat? I’m going to respond to you when I sober up. You’re quite immature – socially, emotionally, and mentally. LOL. I’m really having fun with you. It’s like a cat batting a mouse around until it’s dead, and then you hear the crunching of the bones and see the eventual regurgitation of said field mouse’s innards. In all your posts,, you keep spouting this insane nonsensical rhetoric. You are truly f–king insane.

      4. Harvard Snob says:

        By the way, you mentioned I cannot defend my “ideology”, whatever that means. Neither can YOU. You rant with wild abandon, yet you have no factual data to back it up. Would you like to go toe-to-toe on real statistics? I’ll eviscerate you with hundreds of cases that prove you wrong. Want a shot at it, genius? You’re going up against a guy who heads a well-respected think tank – that’s a fair warning from me. Oh, and for the last time, I am a Constitutionalist Conservative. I had a double major before getting my JD (concentrating on Constitutional Law).

        I’ll chat with you tomorrow or Sunday. My liver’s about to explode.

      5. norulers says:

        Don’t bother responding. I make it a point not to waste my time conversing with common drunkards. They tend to suffer from brain rot and I feel bad taking advantage of an inebriated brain and diseased soul. I suppose that buzz does help you forget your enslavement and mitigate your cognitive dissonance, does it not?

      6. DDR says:

        This person has still not admitted any affiliation to Ron Paul. Notice that? I bet he is. Well, norules? Are you a Ron Paul supporter? Answer the allegations.

      7. The Victor Is The Harvard Snob! says:

        LOL! Don’t bother responding = “I don’t have a retort so please go away since I’m a big phony.” Come on, norulers, at least post something with factual data to back up your rants, even if the Harvard guy never responds. Are you that much of a weakling? LOL. It’s not that hard to find SOMETHING you can use… What a pu–y.

        What a loser. Hey, life isn’t for everyone.

      8. The Victor Is The Harvard Snob! says:

        Come on, put down the bong and the thesaurus, and rebut with INTELLIGENCE! I’m on your side, and you’re embarrassing the rest of us!

      9. DNC Guy says:

        Can you imagine being such a blowhard, and to be called to back up your own posts, and not be able to? How pathetic this norules person must be. This dolt can’t even respond in a semi-respectable fashion. What a total waste of time just reading the posts from this moron.

      10. Nighty Night says:

        The funny thing is, Harvard Snob wins even when DRUNK. What does that tell you about your own intellectual ability (or lack thereof)?

  3. Harvard Snob says:

    Ah, I just noticed he’s changed his name from norulers to norules. Freudian slip, or intentional? I think I’m right on the money about the anarchist comment. Are you three sheets to the wind, or just bats–t insane?

  4. DNC Guy says:

    “Don’t bother responding. I make it a point not to waste my time conversing with common drunkards. They tend to suffer from brain rot and I feel bad taking advantage of an inebriated brain and diseased soul. I suppose that buzz does help you forget your enslavement and mitigate your cognitive dissonance, does it not?”

    Nice try. The word of the month for you is FAIL!

  5. Nighty Night says:

    HAAAAAAAAAAHA!!!!! Ron Paul nutjobs identify themselves so easily without even saying it! Of course all bark and no bite (bite = DATA). Thanks, Harvard and others!

  6. Ron Paul Nut says:

    I just read this entire exchange, and Norules, if you are a Ron Paul supporter, may I suggest you become more educated in your ability to debate? No disrespect, but that was truly embarrassing. Attend more meetings, read the website, etc. Please don’t post stuff like that and make the rest of us look stupid. We have a big uphill battle as it is. Thank you.

  7. DNC Guy says:

    What, no intelligent rebuttal from the anarchist loon? What a shocker.

  8. Opie Taylor says:

    I was reading the whole exchange as it went on, and I cannot believe this norules clown was either too lazy or too stupid to come up with cited sources for his retorts. What a shame for whatever cause he was standing for.

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