Granny Globetrotters Meet The Harlem Globetrotters

By Mike Kinney

I have always loved to watch the Harlem Globetrotters play basketball.  It is an entertainment like no other. They are in town this weekend and had a little media blitz that I thought would be fun to cover.  But in today’s Through the Lens the entertainment was provided by the Granny Globetrotters.

The Granny Globetrotters are not a real team but rather a bunch of senior women whose ages range from 60-85 that still love to play basketball.  They play on several different teams around the state and compete in senior tournaments and the Senior Olympics.

They got a chance to meet two players from the real Globetrotters at a YMCA in west Dallas.  It was billed as three generations of girl power.  They had two girls from Allen ages 12 and 13 that could play better than most teenage boys.  Fatima “TNT” Maddox the ninth female Harlem Globetrotter ever, and several senior ladies who surprise everyone with their ability to still handle the basketball.

They put on a little 4 on 4 exhibition and while the young players move faster the “grannies” showed everyone they had skills.  There were some nice cuts to the basket, a couple nice jumpers, and one mean hook shot.

They all got together and did the Globetrotters famous magic circle, to the tune of Sweet Georgia Brown of course, where each woman got a chance to show her ball handling skills.  TNT and Buckets Blakes showed off all the best Harlem Globetrotter skills and the young girls even managed to impress everyone with some fancy dribbling.

The message from all of them is to get up and get active and stay healthy your whole life.  I’ve said it before but I sure hope I can still do that when I’m their age.

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