Puppies Rescued in East Dallas After One Pup Is Strangled

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – One puppy is dead and another is recovering after someone wrapped plastic zip-ties around their necks. The puppy that survived was rescued from a cluttered storage shed in the 2300 block of Charles Street in East Dallas.

“There’s just no words to describe the conditions inside there,” explained Diana Hall.

Hall runs The Velvet Snout; a dog rescue and boarding center. She and a coworker were called out to save the animals. When they arrived, one puppy was already dead after being strangled by a zip tie; which is typically used by police to handcuff criminals. “It’s the worse thing I’ve ever seen,” said Hall.

So far, a mother pit bull and two of her pups have been rescued. However, a fourth puppy remains somewhere inside the shed which is filled with debris, garbage, metal and sharp objects.

puppy rescued Puppies Rescued in East Dallas After One Pup Is Strangled

A puppy with a zip-tie around its neck is rescued.

Dallas Fire Rescue was called out, but according to Hall, the firefighters decided not to pursue the puppy because of safety concerns. “They said it was too dangerous and too much of a biohazard,” added Hall.

George Burke says he owns the property, but not the dogs. Burke says he’s furious with Dallas Code Compliance for not only citing his property, but for allowing the K-9 rescuers inside his shed. “I have a messy property that wasn’t messy until the city came in here and dragged the stuff out of the building,” explained Burke. “They broke the lock and after they broke into the building, they dragged everything out looking for dogs,” he added.

puppy4 Puppies Rescued in East Dallas After One Pup Is Strangled

Burke believes the dogs crawled under his fence. It still doesn’t explain who and why someone purposely tied plastic zip ties around the puppies’ necks.

Rescuers say access to the property has now been blocked by the owner. However, a cage with food has been left behind in hopes the final puppy will wander inside.

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One Comment

  1. NiteNurse says:

    If you have a litter of unwanted animals please be compassionate and drop them off at a local shelter. What happened to these poor animals is horrible and may you burn in hell for doing this to them.

  2. Cindy Noble Cole says:

    Updates on this puppies available on this FB community page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Two-Puppies-Needing-Help/289069224445979

  3. Cindy Noble Cole says:

    As one of the people who called for help I can assure you that the property gate was open and the doors to the shed could not be shut due to the piles (in some cases more then 6 ft high) of debris. Nothing was removed from the shed, nothing was put outside. We tried for days to capture the pups before Rescue came to help. All access to the property has now been blocked.. yet one more puppy is still in the fence.

    1. Daryl says:

      Are they just going to leave the puppy in there to die?

  4. Teresa says:

    There is no reason authorities cannot get involoved and make this man give access to the one remaining puppy. This is animal cruelty!!!

  5. J M Stewart says:

    I have a few problems with Mr. Burke’s statements. First, why would anyone be bothered by someone coming on their property to SAVE some puppies lives? Especially when there is nothing of value in the property? Second, you mean to tell me that Mr. Burke expects us to believe that three small female kind hearted people trying to rescue puppies managed to pull out all of that refuse??!! How many telephones? How much ductwork? How many automobiles? How much PVC pipe? Good grief. Get real. Look at the pictures from the link above and it is obvious that the dump was found that way. Finally, Mr. Burke deserves to be cited by Code Enforcement because he has MULTIPLE, ongoing code violations. I guess he can be mad about it, but he can’t be in the right about it.
    Mr. Burke is alot of things.
    But I was taught not to say words like that.

    1. Joyi Stewart Kraus says:

      LOL, and Mr. Burke apparently also expects people to believe that on top of dragging everything out – we also weathered it, pilled leaves on top of it, poured rain water into every exposed area, etc… we went to a lot of effort to make it appear that the stuff had been already sitting out for at least a good month. (rolly eyes)

  6. Dawn Orr says:

    Absolutely no words for someone that will block off access knowing there is a pup inside needing help.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jane says:

    It appears that Dallas Animal Services may have become involved in some capacity after the fact. Why were they not there in the beginning? Why did Code Compliance allow this man to let property deteriorate to this point? Why has Judge Michael Acuna not been contacted to get a seizure warrant for the last dog? Why is it ALWAYS up to the individual citizens to help suffering animals in this city?

    1. Teresa says:


  8. David Allen says:

    It is my understanding that the man who owns this property is also the head of the local Republican committee. You may want to check on that.

    As far as I’m concerned, the coldest depths of hell are reserved for people who do that to puppies. Or any animals.

  9. Marianne says:

    Mr. Burke, you should be ashamed of yourself!!! You may not be an animal lover, and that’s your choice. But you could be humane enough to let those that DO love animals save the last puppy. Shame on YOU!

  10. msn says:

    Puppies?!? Who can do this to puppies?!?
    Where is the accountability for this horrible situation???
    My sincerest thanks to everyone who has helped these poor dogs in so many ways.
    But the property owner needs to be held accountable for inhumane treatment of animals. Whether or not he placed the ties on the necks of those dogs, he actively thwarted people from assisting. What a **monster.**

  11. Sherry Lynn Brundrett Chilcote says:

    CBS Thank you so much for airing this story. If someone could do this to a precious puppy, no telling what else they could do. My prayers are with the brave folks still trying to save the last puppy. And for having the courage to attempt the save in such terrible conditions.

  12. Janet Bickel-Burton says:

    For Shame, Mr. Burke! Yes,if you were not willing to assist in the dog rescue, then do not complain when others DO it for you.

  13. Janet Bickel-Burton says:

    For Shame, Mr. Burke! Yes,if you were not willing to assist in the dog rescue, then do not complain when others DO it for you.

    Also, how does a puppy get a zip tie around its neck – and tight enough to strangle to death. The horrors!!

  14. Victoria Cole says:

    Follow this link to keep up with rescue efforts!


  15. Liesl McQuillan says:

    I suspect the reason this man’s property was allowed to get to the state it is in is because we lack funding for basic services in the city of Dallas, now. As long as people continue to vote for people who refuse to raise taxes, this kind of thing will continue to happen. And it’s only going to get worse.

    1. David Allen says:

      No, I believe that the reason this man’s property is allowed to get to this state is because of his funding for certain city bosses. Do some investigating folks.

    2. Jane says:

      Code Compliance in this citiy is a joke – as is trying to get help for suffering animals from the authorities [before the media becomes involved]. Corruption is a factor in many large cities in this country – is it any different here? Mr. Allen is spot on.

  16. chris says:

    What a monstrous person – you should be ashamed Mr Burke.

    Thanks to the rescuers whotried to help and CBS for airing the story.

  17. Lee Lutz says:

    Thank you CBS 11 for covering this horrible event.It was hard to watch but I was so proud of our brave women.Please stay on this story. I am not an animal rescuer but one who did work on Garland to stop gassing animals. I also board our dog at a facility that had persons on this site.They are caring and brave . I noticed that the owner was a perfect mess of a man. Pray that this owner will reconsider and let the rescue continue.I find it very suspicious.Could the female mother be his and he did not want other souls to feed?

  18. lee lutz says:

    Why aren;t the police called? This is animal cruelty and against the law

  19. Cindy Noble Cole says:

    There is an ongoing investigation by the DPD for animal cruelty. Dallas Animal Services and Code Compliance have worked with rescuers extensively. The culprit is the person who put the ties around the neck of the puppies and the person who will not allow rescue of the last puppy.

  20. Kari S says:

    I really hope they save that last puppy! Good job to the ladies who have the heart and courage to go through that mess to save them. Wishing the best for those beautiful creatures. This man should not be allowed to lock his gate when another animal is in danger. Authorities should step in and take control of this situation. Not only that but start an investigation of animal cruelty. I thought that this sort of behavior was illegal? Am I incorrect in that knowledge? Or is that the case for other states?

  21. DDR says:

    People who do this kind of thing to animals should be burned alive and doused in acid as the flames are going out.

  22. Joyi Stewart Kraus says:

    I have been personally involved with this rescue… the woman who was moving the debris in order to get to the puppy (in the news clip) is my sister. I am one of the people who was on site and God as my witness – the doors to those shed / warehouses were open – not just open, but open, because the junk piled in front of them prevented them from being closed. For Mr. Burke to insinuate that the mess was caused by the rescuers is a flat out lie. As for stuff being moved… stuff was moved aside just enough to get to the puppy.

    Mr. Burke is a Dallas City Precinct Chair for district 2230 – HE IS A REPRESENTATIVE OF DALLAS!! He was contacted BEFORE any attempts were made to get to the pups… it is my understanding that his response was that the puppies were not his and not his problem. I believe that he was also told at that time that the gate to his property was open – that gate was open already and neither myself or the other rescuers opened it.

    Mr. Burke was made aware of the situation and he was aware that the puppies were in dire stress and needed to be gotten to. He did not once offer any kind of help and when he finally showed up on the scene, he try to divert attention away from himself by blaming the people involved. What a crock! Dallas District 2230, listen up – you have a crooked and cruel man representing you and it is time for someone to stand up to him. I hope the precinct agrees that this man is not a good reflection of your district. God Bless.

    1. R. Craig says:

      Thanks to your sister and all trying to save them. I wanted to jump in my car to help you as soon as I heard about it. I’m just a mom and pet owner. Why do ordinary citizens seem to care and be able to get more done than the cities in these situations. I’m so tired of all this b.s. And they need to kick that man off his damn Precint Chair.. He needs to be spending his time cleaning that rat trap fire hazard of a property. If I was his neighbors I’d be raising hell.

      1. Joyi Stewart Kraus says:

        No Doubt! He is my Mother’s neighbor and yes, she is raising hell – that mans property is a haven to vermin of all sorts and that is not fair to the people who live a couple of houses away. My mother is the one who got everyone in place and organized – who contacted all the groups and city people and got them interested… She really harnessed the amazing power that only happens when a community comes together and fights for something that is worth fighting for!

  23. R. Craig says:

    Thank you Channel 11 for airing this story. You just earned a new viewer today. I will be watching the news on your channel now. Mr. Burke is digusting and cruel. I feel sure he did this to those puppies by the way he’s acting. And why isn’t the police,the city, animal control, city counsel, the county, etc. doing everything possible to save that puppy’s life. I’m so angry that only a trap has been set. I’m disgusted with the city of Dallas. By the time an investigation is done that puppy will be dead. Get in there Dallas and save it!

    1. Joyi Stewart Kraus says:

      Guys, I want to clarify – The City of Dallas DID do everything that they legally could. We had the police department, code compliance, firemen and women… Dallas Animal Control, etc… BUT, there were some legal issues that made the situation such that it had to be the private citizen who went in for the rescue. All of us were aware that we were chancing getting fined or called on trespassing, but we chose to take that chance. The city organizations were actively involved in way of being on site, advising in safety precautions, ready and waiting to take the pup into surgery… but, because Mr. Burke were not involve himself and give formal permission – a private citizen was really the only person who could actually go in. Very much an act of civil disobedience. The City of Dallas, the SPCA, Operation Kindness…. and so many more were right there ready and waiting in any way that they were legally able. Without The City of Dallas, I promise you, that black and white puppy would not have made it. And it was the Fire Department that gave my sister and mom the hazard suits shown on the clip… they did what they could, but they got caught up in a mess of red tape.

      1. Cindy Noble Cole says:

        Mr. Burke did say that he wanted the dogs caught, but it was a verbal statement only. At this time it appears that Br. Burke is speaking to DAS to assist in getting the last puppy out.

  24. Joyi Stewart Kraus says:

    I think that I am going to figure out how to get something going in Dallas for animals in situations like The Charles Street Family was in. This rescue effort involved a lot of jumping through hoops – and no doubt, it was worth it, but how come it is not easier? We need something like Amber Alert – something that cuts through all the red tape – something to save animals that are in dire stress! I mean those pups – and the brindle still – were dying not 20 feet away and the road blocks just made this rescue so much harder than it need to be.

  25. Kelly King says:

    As a staunch Republican I can not be more embarrassed by Mr. Burkes completely inhumane sentiments. How a person with such a lack of soul is representing us, is completely humiliating. To dismiss these as just dogs over his precious junk that he is so concerned about (regardless of the fact that these suffering dogs are deficating all over it and he could care less) . God Bless the true heroes that have dedicated days and weeks to save these lives, and channel 11 for bringing this to our attention. It definitely makes me re-think the organizations I used to donate to, and urge me to re-direct my funds. And while the city of Dallas has clearly been a great partner with the rescuers, it shouldn’t be this hard. If this was any viewer’s or council members pet that “wandered” onto this property I feel confident work arounds would be found. Charges MUST be pressed against Mr. Burke for knowingly contributing to animal cruelty and neglect, in addition to the person responsible for the zip ties (not positive it differs from Mr. Burke based on the way he represents himself.) thanks again rescuers, DAS, and channel11

    1. sickened says:

      As a Republican, PLEASE, PLEASE contact the Dallas County Republican Party and let them know what this heartless person is up to! Perhaps they can get through to him by placing his precinct captainship in jeopardy. If he does this to helpless puppies, I can imagine how he treats the voters in his Precinct. The GOP should be ashamed to have him as a representative of your party.

  26. Cindy Noble Cole says:

    Ahhh.. passion for animals. I ♥ it. But, to be fair… the puppies were on Mr. Burke’s property, the property has holes in the fence, his property is very nasty and dirty, BUT no one KNOWS who placed the cords around the puppies necks! Once it was known about the puppies Mr. Burke did give initial verbal permission to get the pups. The access to property was blocked later and it appears that DAS is working with Mr. Burke to regain access to the property.

  27. TG says:

    Appreciate Jay Gormley doing a report on the situation.

    1. Joyi Stewart Kraus says:

      For Sure! Jay did an amazing job in his reporting of this issue! I sure hope Channel 11 decides to give us a follow-up report.

  28. Donna Nicholas says:

    If this man who is a member of dallas,’s republican party is more concerned with possessions than life, wonder what kind of representative he would be?

  29. Joyi Stewart Kraus says:

    I send Jay an email; contents as follows:


    I just wanted to say, “Thank You.” Your taking the time to check out this situation has really put a spotlight on a kink in the system as far as trying to rescue animals that are on private property, but clearly in danger. I hope that you will do some follow-up on this story. Mr. Burke flat lied about the rescuers having moved stuff out of those warehouses. Stuff was shuffled and scooted to get to the pup, but that is it. Also, it is my understanding that George Burke is the current precinct chair for district 2230 in Dallas… is this correct and if so, why is a city representative making this rescue so difficult? Anyway, kudos to you and your story! You looked amazing and I loved the demonstration of what the rescuers were facing to get to the pup.

    That black and white pup had gone and hid itself, as animals often do, so that he could lie down and die… he was burrowed down deep and just waiting to go. Thank goodness the rescuers were able to get to that pup before Mr. Burke showed up. AND BTW, Mr. Burke DID give verbal permission to the rescuers that they were allowed to go onto / into the property to get the pups. He did this early on before the first pup (the one that could not be saved) was pulled out.

    Thank you, Again!

    Joyi Kraus

  30. Birgit Sommer says:

    Is there an update? What happened to the puppy still in the mess? Did they get to it?

  31. Cindy Noble Cole says:

    Updates are here! Good news.. the last puppy was captured. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Two-Puppies-Needing-Help/289069224445979?ref=tn_tnmn

  32. K. Turns says:

    George Burke is a Republican? I thought the party stood for hard work and conservatism. Someone in his precinct should definitely inquire about stepping up as the new Republican PC. It’s not a difficult process, and I’m sure if Burke put up a battle, he’d be easily put in his place by distribution of these images, which clearly depict his apparent laziness and unwillingness to help city personnel and rescuers.

    If your property is so hazardously full of deteriorating junk that the fire department can’t safely enter in order to save lives, you are certainly not a pillar of the community.

    George Burke, I hope you will demonstrate your willingness to cooperate with voters’ wishes by cleaning up your ramshackle property and making a sizable donation to help the future welfare of these puppies and their mother.

  33. Ray Franklin says:

    Mr. Burke is lying, the property has always been in that condition after he bought it from the previous owners that I knew. The previous owners never let the property get like that.

    1. Joyi Stewart Kraus says:

      Thank you, Mr. Franklin. I hope others are willing to share what they also know.

  34. Anon For This says:

    You think this place is disgusting, you ought to see the house and backyard George Burke owns and resides in. It’s hard to believe anyone can hoard so much useless waste. Our neighborhood has had to live with his property looking like a junkyard for the better part of 40 years.

    I hope they throw the book at Mr. Burke. Of course, if they do it will probably get swallowed up in the pigpen that surrounds him.

  35. teresaf says:

    I am so glad the last puppy was rescued. That property is DISGUSTING. ALL of the neighbors need to be filing complaints. I can not imagine living anywhere near that much filth. The entire property needs to be considered a hazardous site.

    A BIG salute to everyone who worked so hard to save this mama & her babies.

  36. ER Kosary says:

    The property owner should be ashamed of himself for blocking access to the property.
    His property looks like a pig pen in the the first place.
    Glad the puppy was found, just read this and would have like to have seen the property owner block a big group of guys from coming and lookng for the puppy.

  37. JerryLee says:

    At this point no information is NOT being released about an investigation. Why are investigators not asking questions? By allowing him to clean the property did they allow him destroy a crime scene? Last I heard it was still a crime to abuse animals…..Right? I hope Channel 11 does a follow-up and ask these questions. Neither DAS or DPD have returned my calls. Go figure!

  38. BPerot says:

    Word is that because of his political affiliations this whole thing is goiing to be pushed under the rug…. Very Sad that Dallas City would let this horrible thing go unpunished.

    1. Joyi Stewart Kraus says:

      LOL, I am sorry, but there is not a chance. Clearly whoever plans on sweeping this under the rug has not ever dealt with my mother. She is quite a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fighting for what is right.

  39. Paula says:

    Please bring unwanted animals to the DFW Humane Society located on Valley View Rd. in Irving. DFWhumane.com No animal should be mistreated, and the people who do these vial things should be thrown in a mental hospital because it is proven that anyone that would torture an animal would more than likely do the same to a human.

  40. Donny Jacobs says:

    Why have we the citizens not heard any follow-up to this story as to what the city is doing to pursue crminal charges? Looks like code enforcement is the only city org that got involved and issued citations. I wonder if anything will come of those or is this some political cover-up? Is CBS11 following up on that aspect?

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