Biden Headed To N. Texas & Campaign Finance Reports

Commentary From CBS 11 News Political Reporter Jack Fink

The following is commentary from CBS 11’s political reporter Jack Fink:

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Vice President Joe Biden is coming to North Texas Tuesday. He’ll attend two fundraisers, but is not scheduled to make any public appearances.

Mr. Biden attended a fundraiser at a private home in Dallas last year.

While Texas is considered a “red” or Republican state, Democrats still raise a lot of money in the Lone Star State.

In other political news, we should get a better idea of the candidates’ fundraising. Their fourth quarter campaign finance reports must be filed with the Federal Elections Commission by tomorrow, the 31.

We’ll see how much Governor Perry was able to raise after a string of poor debate performances.

Through the 3rd quarter, ending September 30, Governor Perry raised more than $17 million. That helped him run millions of dollars in TV ads. But we’ll finally see what happened to Perry’s fundraising after his “oops” moment and other public stumbles.

When he dropped out of the race two days before the South Carolina primary, some analysts believed the Governor ran out of money.

We’ll find out how much Mr. Perry has left in his campaign account, or if he went into debt.

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  • altha

    If there any money in Rick Perry campaign account can’t that money be used to pay his bills?

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