Last Dallas Puppy Rescued After One Pup Strangled

puppy4 Last Dallas Puppy Rescued After One Pup Strangled

EAST DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) –  The final puppy trapped inside a cluttered storage shed in East Dallas has been rescued. In all, four puppies were trapped inside the shed in the 2300 block of Charles Street in East Dallas.

One puppy died and two others are recovering after someone wrapped plastic zip-ties around their necks.

K-9 rescuers were called to the shed last week. When they arrived, one of the dogs had been strangled by a zip-tie; which is typically used by police to handcuff criminals.

The three surviving dogs and their mother are being sheltered by Operation Kindness in Dallas.


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  1. Dan Ford says:

    The cruelty of some people is astounding. I hope someone puts plastic ties around the necks of whomever did this to these poor creatures.

    1. latrin says:

      what if it was a little kid who did this

    2. Cyndy Ladas says:

      the cruelty of people like this truly astounds me. I so totally agree with Dan, and if it was a child that did this then if one were wrapped around their neck bet they’d do it again

  2. NiteNurse says:

    Everyone please get your animals fixed. The local shelters can help you find places who can do this at low cost. You can drop the animal off and pick them up the same day. If you have a litter you can’t take care of take a few minutes and drop them off at the local animal shelter don’t kill or abandon them.

  3. Joyi Stewart Kraus says:

    Thank you, Jay! I appreciate the follow-up. I believe we are going to continue with “Two Puppies Needing Help” so that we can watch how this evolves… the puppies final placement and hopefully – keeping fingers crossed – someone being prosecuted for this unspeakable act. Please keep us in your sights… we appreciate you sincerely.


    1. amg0327 says:

      Joyi, that little black & white bundle reminds me so much of my baby girl when I first got her, I am just in tears after reading these 2 stories. I just wanted to say thank you for your tireless efforts. I hope everyone who participated in this rescue knows how much ordinary citizens like me appreciate what you and they do. I would take one of those puppies today!

      1. Dory Raymond says:

        this breaks my heart – i got a puppy from a rescue place in springtown a couple of months ago & she’s the light of my life. she was staring to death when i got her, they didn’t have enough money to keep her & the others like her feed well enough. i turned them in to the animal control people in that area. but she is all better now & she knows she is home. i love her with all my heart. she brings me so much joy. i hope that this mama dog & her pups are given proper loving homes when they are well.

        people who mistreat animals should have the same thing done back to them!!!

      2. Joyi Stewart Kraus says:

        amg0327 & Dory, thank you both for your comments… they are very much appreciated. I have clarify that I was involved, but it was my mother and sister who actually pulled this off. My mother organized everyone who contacted her and my sister crawled into the pile of junk (spent 3 hours carefully moving stuff aside) and rescued the one pup that had to be rushed to surgery. Please show your support and join our facebook page Two Puppies Needing Help, There is still more to the story! Thank you both for taking the time to let us know we are appreciated! It does mean a lot.

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