Exploratory Fracking Now Underway In Colleyville

COLLEYVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – The noise of nearby generators was an unwelcome visitor this morning to those who live on Monroe Court in Colleyville.

“It actually made me full of anxiety when I knew the fracking actually began this morning,” said Colleyville resident Carole Johnson.

Seven exploratory gas wells began operating Tuesday, despite homeowner concerns that fracking will release harmful chemicals in the air around it.

Tankers containing water and chemicals used in the drilling process rolled out of the site under the watchful eye of independent environmental monitors.

Residents opposed to drilling say they are upset more with the City of Colleyville allowing wells that surrounding communities have rejected.   “Its kind of weird they would even do this knowing that Southlake has put a moratorium on all that and there’s no pipeline,” said resident Barbara Lang.

“The City of Colleyville allowed this to happen, Titan did a great job of selling this to them,” said resident Phil Thompson.

Titan operating, which has sound barriers around the wells, called the first day a success.   “We know a number of mineral owners in Colleyville who are pleased today to be one step closer to benefiting from the lease of their minerals,” said company president Mark Schumacher.

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Residents around the well received $25,000 an acre for mineral rights before the well was built.   But some say they had no idea it would be so close.   “I’m concerned really, about my health. What am I going to be breathing,” asks Johnson.

Disgruntled homeowners can take comfort knowing the city gave Titan only 11 days to work at the site and determine how much natural gas is in the ground.

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One Comment

  1. brando says:

    The cost of having a 7000 square foot houses all over the place in colleyville! Got to heat them with something! Just think all these years it has been happening in someone elses back yard…now it is your turn.

  2. Nawar Alsaadi says:

    The solution for fraccing pollution is waterless fraccing; Gasfrac has done over a 1000 fracs with gelled propane; you don’t need any water; you don’t produce any waste fluids (no need for injection wells); no need to flare (no CO2 emissions); truck traffic is cut to a trickle from 900+ trips per well for water fraccing to 30 with propane fracs; and on top of that the process increases oil and gas production; it is a win for the industry, a win for the community and a win for the environment.

  3. Kathy says:

    Okay they are worried about their high dollar homes and getting their complaints on the news, well I am on the other end of this mess my husband drives one of those truck. If they want to complain so hard about this then they can pay my bills and then you can worry about a high unemployeement rate.

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