NEW YORK (CBS) – How does a doctor’s body weight affect a patient? That’s what a new study set out to discover. And the study found that obese doctors are much less likely to help obese patients shed pounds to stay healthy. For the study — published in the January 19 online edition of Obesity journal — researchers at Johns Hopkins University surveyed 500 primary care physicians. The researchers looked at how much faith the doctors had in themselves to treat obesity — both in giving advice and in their perceptions of patient trust in their advice. The study found that normal weight physicians were more likely to talk about weight loss with their obese patients (30 percent versus 18 percent of overweight docs), had more faith that patients would trust their advice (80 percent versus 69 percent of overweight docs), and had more confidence in their ability to provide diet and exercise advice (53 percent versus 37 percent of overweight docs).

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