Missing Van Zandt 3-Year-Old Found Safe

16663365 bg1 Missing Van Zandt 3 Year Old Found Safe

Zoey Smith, Missing 3-year-old

CANTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Nearly 100 people, including Van Zandt County Sheriff’s deputies and volunteers spent their afternoon searching a wooded area around Canton for Zoey Smith, a 3-year-old girl who wandered away from her home.

The girl was found Thursday evening unharmed, having walked nearly 3 miles away from her home.

She was found in a wooded area.  Cold and scared, but still with her family’s pet Pit Bull named Brownie.

Earlier Thursday Van Zandt County Sheriff Pat Burnett conducted a door-to-door search for the child.  The FBI was eventually called in to help.

The girl was reunited with her family Thursday evening.



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  1. Danny says:

    Google-earth shows a Twin Lakes golf course and should have a sign in list of patrons to ask what they saw in the area.

  2. Jeff says:

    Where’s the Amber Alert??

    1. 2sister says:

      The guidelines for an Amber Alert call for a suspected abduction. It sounds like they thought, from the start, that she just wandered off. They did, however, contact the media. Also, the police lost know time starting to look for her.

      1. 2sister says:

        Oops. I mean lost no time.

  3. Patti says:

    I pray for her SAFE return!

  4. A girl and her dog says:

    I’m glad Zoey is safe, and I love this story in the fact that it shows that all pit bulls are not ferocious creatures ready to maul anyone at first sight. Brownie stayed by her side, I’m sure protecting her. It’s just a touching story about a girl and her dog that has a happy ending.

    1. gail says:


    2. Martin says:

      Without the dog to accompany her, something very bad could have happened. Feral hogs and lots of other things out there in the woods, not to mention shady people. I hope both Brownie and Zoey got a lot of hugs and treats when they returned! Nice to hear a story with a happy ending for a change.

  5. 2sister says:

    I’m glad she was found and seems to be okay.

  6. Taylor Duncan-Hernandez says:

    I have a 3 yr old, and I dont know what I would do.. I would be going nuts. I cant imagine what that baby must have been going through, or thinking out there alone all night.. It hurts my heart to think of it. I am so happy she is okay, and so grateful that the Lord watched over her, along with her Dog. Thanks to everyone who looked for her, and made this story have a happy ending!

  7. Larissa Davis says:

    God Bless this little girl and her family and dog. It is so wonderful that she is home safe. Please also note Brownie is an ambassador for his breed. Pitbulls can be and are wonderful loving family pets ,and companions. Best wishes for this family.

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