Rangers’ Hamilton Has Sobriety Relapse At Dallas Bar

By Jay Gormley & Ryan Crowe

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, who has admitted to struggles with drugs and alcohol in the past, had a sobriety relapse at a North Dallas bar.

Hamilton and Rangers infielder Ian Kinsler were spotted together at Sherlock’s Pub, at Park Lane and Highway 75. Two employees at the pub confirmed that both players were there Monday night. Kinsler reportedly came to the pub after getting a phone call from Hamilton and becoming concerned. It is unclear how much Hamilton had to drink, or what he was drinking.

sherlocks pub Rangers Hamilton Has Sobriety Relapse At Dallas Bar

Sherlock's Pub in N. Dallas: Photo by Jay Gormley (CBSDFW.COM)

In a statement, the Rangers said that they were “aware of a situation, but will have no further comment at this time.”

Hamilton, who had a very public relapse in January 2009 while on a rehabilitation assignment in Arizona, has talked openly about his addiction to drugs and alcohol. In November 2010, Hamilton was asked if he still struggled like he did in 2009. “I could very well end up relapsing like in ’09,” he told CBS 11’s Tracy Kornet. “Do I see myself doing that? No, because I can’t let myself think about making that big of a mistake.”

The first overall pick in the 1999 amateur draft, Hamilton was suspended from organized baseball for three years for substance abuse. After getting sober in 2005, he made it to the major leagues in 2007. Hamilton signed with the Rangers in 2008.

Hamilton had a Rangers coaching staff member serve as his ‘accountability partner’ during the past four seasons, including during his 2010 American League MVP year.

Former assistant batting coach Johnny Narron served in that role until he departed for the Milwaukee Brewers this off-season. A successor to Narron has not been named.

Hamilton is currently in the middle of contract negotiations with the Rangers, something that could be impacted by this recently sobriety slip.

He is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at an Christian men’s event on Friday night in the Houston suburb of Katy. It is unknown if he will address the incident.

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One Comment

  1. CSB says:

    Alcohol is one of the hardest things to kick. I’ve battled it for over two decades. It’s a love/hate relationship that will always end badly. Praying for you, Josh. Don’t beat yourself up over this either. We all fall sometimes.

    1. Josh says:

      Josh Hamilton Story
      OK KRLD..what is your problem…seriously…what the heck is your problem?
      All you people do is sensationalize everything. Every little piece of information that comes in, all you do is make it bigger than it is. You all are no better than the national inquiry or the star and we all know what trash that is.
      Lately, you all have become so perverse in your reporting. Why is ‘The Josh Hamilton Story’ so news worthy? What business is it of yours or mine that Josh was out drinking?!?! Leave the guy alone. You all owe Josh an apology! You all have a social responsibility to know what to report and what NOT report. Making Josh’s drinking problem headline news was a complete disregard for Josh and any type of journalistic integrity!
      Why don’t you all come up with a plan to help Josh and build him up instead of tearing him down. The man needs a hug! He is struggling and he needs help.
      Moreover, the person who works at the bar where Josh was seen needs to fired immediately and sent to Siberia to be never seen again. All I can say is that she is a total White Trash B. Oh Man I’d like to meet her and give her a piece of my mind. Twitter is evil!
      KRLD – how would you like it if it was one of you or a friend or member your family this happened to? You all should be so ashamed of yourself.
      After this morning, I am just so incredibly ashamed that you all are a part of Dallas radio and that I have listened to you over the last 20 years. WOW. You all really did it this time.
      And, my advice…of the topic…get rid of that ‘Emily Troupe’ – whatever her last name is…what a complete idiot. Where did she get her degree from? Off the back of a match-book? She needs to go!

      1. Josh says:

        And to Josh Hamilton – if you heard the news reporting this morning from KRLD and you are reading any of these posts, I am so sorry that KRLD did this to you.
        We love you and we all got your back!

  2. raven says:

    Oh leave him alone!! Alcohol is not illegal!! Let him drink!! Damn he’s not on the field drinking so who cares? It’s his life, let him live it!

    1. CSB says:

      It’s not a question of legality. He has a problem. I do, too. Unless you’ve lived that nightmare, you, with all due respect, should shut up about things you know nothing of.

    2. Oliver Reed says:

      raven, you’re a really ignorant hick. CSB is right on. Some people need to steer clear of it. I don’t have to, but I know many people who should.

  3. Deborah Longoria says:

    Why is Josh Hamilton’s “reported” relapse a leading news story? Josh is only human. As such he is sure to make mistakes.

    In this case there is no evidence he relapsed. He was in a pub, big deal! I go to pubs and I don’t drink. This is a case of someone wanting to bring someone else down. How would these people like others following them around and reporting their every move?

    Addictions are a day to day challenge. Anyone recovering or suffering from an addiction would understand that.

    The next time you guys want to report this type of “story”, look in your own skeleton closet. (Jay Gormley)

    1. CSB says:

      I agree. It’s a sad thing to read, and I feel for him. However, releasing this kind of news only adds more pressure which could cause him to seek more alcohol for shelter.

  4. barbara cole says:

    Can’t understand why you guys would want to make such a big deal out of this. Praying for Josh and His family…Thankfully I ( and you) do not have to have all of our mistakes made public in such a manner!

  5. Shaun Michael Scott says:

    I can’t believe CBS 11 would go so low as to report this. My son looks up to Hamilton, if he is having difficulties in life it should be his personal business, not NEWS. Shame on you CBS 11. DISLIKE!

    1. WBAP Fan says:

      Shaun Michael Scott, the radio personality? Big fan here!

  6. steve says:

    I am furious with CBS 11 TV after tJosh Hamilton drinking in a night club made the top story at 10. Then the weather in Van Zant County and fianlly the three year old little girl that was missing had been found. What is so important about a man in a pub and rain that keeps us from a real story of a lost little girl fournd in the cold. I am a sports fan and have no ties to this child. It is just ridiculous that Josh has that much flair in the eyes of CBS 11 producer’s. Hello Fox 4 or NBC 5. Time to change the channel.

    1. susan says:

      I totally agree!

    2. DDR says:

      LOL. All the excessive Khloe Kardashian coverage should have made you tune out long ago.

  7. John Doe says:

    The only thing I see in this story sader than the struggle Josh has to deal with is that CBSDFW expolits it and calls qualifies it as news. Very judgemental!
    I’m glad you aren’t judging me. We can’t all be the home coming queen karen is. This must be another product of Babe’s ego.

  8. Ted Clemens says:

    “Hamilton Has Alcohol Relapse”

    “Hamilton and Rangers infielder Ian Kinsler were spotted together at a Sherlock’s Pub in North Dallas on Monday night. A worker at the bar confirmed Hamilton was drinking alcohol.”

    A whole article and barely a paragraph in the way of relevant information to support the headline. Must be true though because some anonymous person said so to someone else. And you know what he’s done in the past! Growing up, this is what we called gossip. Still is.

    Suspicions may turn out to be true, but this is really BAD reporting, students.

  9. cindy says:

    Why don’t you leave tabloid reporting to TMZ- what next in sports Chloe Kardashian sneezes at the AA Center? Really, this is low journalism and I expect better from Babe Laufenberg and CBS. Though he i(Josh) s a public figure he is entiitled some degree of privacy or at least respect like the rest of us. Don’t report what you cannot substantiate just to get ratings. I think there are far more important lead in stories for our community.

    If Josh has had a stumble does your reporting the story during the off season in any way shape form help fans, the Rangers, anyone- espeically him. Do better! Your competitors bested you on this tonight-they focused on real sports stories not gossip.

    1. DDR says:

      I think they already covered Khloe sneezing. They have daily reports of that bimbo.

    2. susan says:

      Amen, Cindy! Just what I was thinking!

  10. Mike says:

    “Dirty Laundry”, not news! There is a valid reason that these folks ( reporters and producers ) work on the local level. We don’t ever have to worry about hearing them on the national level.
    Doesn;t it just make you want to rush out and invest in Belo the first thing in the morning, or is it Be-Low?

  11. tlmck says:

    Ian Kinsler should be fined for this dumb mistake which was going into a bar in the first place.

    In his defense though, in my 50 years I have yet to meet an intelligent person who drinks alcohol.

    1. CSB says:

      I agree. I have a 154 IQ, yet when I do drink, I am nowhere near intelligent.

    2. James says:

      Kinsler should be fined? Kinsler showed up only after Josh called him and Kinsler was concerned. He showed up and tried to convince Josh to stop and leave with him. Kinsler was doing the right thing here so did get confused by the lack of facts on the story. Josh made a mistake…he’s fighting an every day battle. Let’s encourage him and help strength him…not tear him down.

  12. THE Kevin Fillingim says:

    Josh’s first mistake was going anywhere with and trusting Ian Kinsler. I know from first hand experience (I was the hotel guy) that Kins likes to, well, let’s just say he likes the cheap women post-game………

    I don’t know about you, but that’s not a guy I’m going to want to hang out with.

    1. Kevin Fillingim is as dumb as Richie says:

      Kinsler showed up after getting a call from Josh. You are an idiot. Richie Whitt?

  13. Kathy says:

    I agree with all the comments leave him alone he is human just like all of you leave the man alone and mind your own business. And to Josh good luck on your journey that is called life don’t allow anyone to take your joy and I’m praying for you.

  14. WeArentAllLikeYou says:

    You people need to get a grip… NBC5i: “Hamilton reportedly relapses” on the front page. WFAA: “Rangers Hamilton has Alcohol Relapse” on the front page. MyFoxDFW: “Josh Hamilton Has Reported Relapse” on the front page. Ya’ll are gonna have a busy day screaming at online news sites about how “this isn’t news, what’s wrong with you reporting this, blah, blah, blah”.

  15. vdub says:

    Who wants a quitter on their team anyways.. 😉

  16. Joe says:

    Shame on you, ch 11

    My husband and I were extremely disppointed that your station sought to exploit and sensationalize Mr. Hamilton’s alleged appearance at a local bar. We have always been gratified to witness your rather constant spotlight on the goodness of different citizens. It even appears that you have a Christian slant to your broadcasting. Believe me tonight’s news was anything but Christian.
    Shelley & Joe

    1. WeArentAllLikeYou says:

      Are you also leaving the same comment on NBC5? WFAA? Fox? They’re *ALL* running this story, along with every other news outlet in the country. Looks like you’re gonna be busy today wagging your “shame on you” finger.

  17. Julia says:

    BIG DEAL! The Rangers stood behind Skipper Wash when he had his relapse with cocaine, and I am confident they will stand behind Josh. We love you, Josh!!

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