Plano Encouraging Residents To Bike To Work

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s good for your health and it can save you a lot of money. That is why more people in Plano are considering the option of riding a bicycle to work.

The City of Plano has completed a 27-year plan that allows people who live and work within it’s boundaries to swap four wheels for two, making bike paths more than just recreational. This month, the city will finish installing brand new signs marking trails and safe street routes to every major employer.

Heather Appleby rides her bicycle to work almost every day, and welcomes the new trail route system. “It’s a chance to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak,” she said, “because I get my exercise in and I’m able to get a commute in at the same time.”

It’s estimated that in a city of nearly 300,000 people, less than 100 people in Plano use their bikes regularly to get to and from work. The city hopes the street-trail system will improve those numbers, along with a proposed new ordinance that would keep motorists a minimum distance from cyclists. “It should be completed within this next month,” said Brian Bedinfield with DFW Bike. “It’s greater because it advertises routes that are safe for cyclists, as well as it communicates with road users that cyclists may be on the road.”

Michael Freiberger lives in Allen and works in Richardson, but will benefit from Plano’s new system. “I don’t have to deal with US-75 anymore. I don’t deal with the snarls of traffic. I enjoy the commute. I arrive refreshed,” said Freiberger.

The city has posted routes to more than 50 employers online to make it easy for residents who want to join cyclists like Appleby, and are willing to do a little leg work.

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One Comment

  1. NiteNurse says:

    That’s sounds real practical Plano. What if you live 30-45 minutes from where you work and you have to wear a suit or nice office clothes? I’m sure it will be real nice to bike to work in 100 degree weather. This is Texas and the weather is very unpredictable. Nice in the morning then an ice or rain storm on the way home. I know my job likes it when I arrive to work all sweaty and smelly after I just biked to work in 100 degree weather.

    1. lowtolerance says:

      You do like I do. Ride to work and shower. You’re a nurse at a place with no shower? Interesting. 100 degrees is fine unless you stop and stand in the blaring sun. Thirty five degrees isn’t bad either, unless you just ignore the reams of info available regarding proper gear. But then again, my ride’s only an hour each way.

      1. NiteNurse says:

        Get back to me in August when it’s between 101-110 degrees. If I rode my bike not my car I would have to plan at least an hour to bike and 30 minutes to shower and dress. Currently I only have to drive 30 minutes. If I worked closer I would consider it but who really works closer in this area? (PS: I work 12 hour shifts) Tonight there’s a rain storm I’m sure that’s going to be practical to ride a bike to my job.

    2. Chubby Cyclist says:

      What if you don’t? Should we all be forced to use cars because you live too far away for this to an option for you?

      No, this is about giving people options to travel as they like. It’s not about forcing anyone.

  2. tlmck says:

    If they can guarantee my safety, I’ll start tomorrow.

    1. Fritz says:

      I agree about the safety especially when crossing Preston. It would be great if we could actually have a special crossing or longer crossing opportunities when moving across Preston. A biker’s / pedestrian bridge would be fabulous!

  3. Dave In Plano says:

    This is good as long as the bike riders are courteous and cautious. I’ve seen all the signs go up and bike riders should be thankful Plano has given them a place to ride, but be nice.

    A couple weeks ago at Oak Point Park I had a bike rider come from behind while I was on the sidewalk and hit my right arm so hard that I it left a mark. When I yelled at the guy he flipped my off.

    If you want respect then first you have to show respect.

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