Relapse Humanizes Texas Rangers Hero

By Susy Solis/CBS 11 News
hamilton presser 138151692 Relapse Humanizes Texas Rangers Hero

Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers holds a press conference at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on February 3, 2012. (credit: Layne Murdoch/Getty Images)

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – It was his amazing comeback from addiction to drugs and alcohol that has endeared millions of fans to slugger Josh Hamilton.

And a relapse with the same struggle continues to remind fans that Hamilton is more than a baseball god, but a mortal with addictions and struggles and family problems just like everybody else.

In a press conference Friday afternoon, Hamilton apologized to those he feels he let down.

“For everybody who I have hurt, for everybody, fans, kids, people who have addictions who look up to me, I apologize,” Hamilton said. He addressed the throng of reporters with no script and said he was speaking from his heart.

The subject of addiction is a difficult one to broach, especially with children.

For Dallas resident Robin Bagwell, who went through recovery with two children, it was best to best honest about the process.

“I think anytime you have an addiction, it’s a disease and you talk to your kids, if you’re sick, you get help and if you had cancer you’d talk to an oncologist,” Bagwell said.

Addiction experts agree honesty is the best policy.

“You want to be honest but you want to give them as much information as is appropriate for their maturity level, you don’t want to give them too much information,” said Amara Durham, with the Caron Texas Treatment Center, an alcohol and drug rehab and recovery center.

Hamilton has made his battle with addiction very public, and every time he gets up fans relate. His relapse has made him more human in the eyes of adoring fans.

“The thing we have to remember is that he is human and as a human with a chronic illness, relapse will happen,” Durham said.

“He’s human. We all are and it’s a tough battle. I can’t imagine going through it in the public eye,” Bagwell said.

If you or a loved one needs help with an addiction, there are resources available:


One Comment

  1. Karl says:

    This is not lead news. I cannot believe you spent so much time at the top of the newscast on this story. What, was it a slow news day? The only part I agreed with was the commentor who said “Leave Josh alone” – and that should include you news crews, too.

  2. Victoria Lynn Strickland says:

    I agree with Karl, Leave Josh alone and let him handle this in private but no, you HAVE to make a story out of it!! We fans are behind him 100% and will do the best thing we can, pray for him. Wouldn’t hurt you guys to do the same thing and remember that “There, but for the Grace of God, go I.”

  3. jj love says:

    Josh, thank you for being the gentleman you are. God bless you and your family.
    If anybody gives you any trouble, let the world know. You have a Christian Army with you and behind you. This message is for management as well,lest we forget Washington’s(manager) confession. Nolan we are watching you and ginsberg, behave yourselves.

    1. its me says:

      “Nolan we are watching you and ginsberg, behave yourselves.”

      WOW. I’m sure they’re shaking in their boots. Maybe your christian army should ask their leader why he didn’t bother to stop him from falling off the wagon in the first place. Oh, let me guess… it’s all part of his “plan”. It’s working brilliantly so far. Just look at all the positive attention it’s generated.

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