New Details In Deadly DART Station Shooting

RICHARDSON (CBSDFW.COM) – Law enforcement officials with both the Richardson Police Department and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) are working to sort out events on Tuesday that ended with a civilian and a suspected gunman dead.

Richardson police have confirmed that gunfire started after 27-year-old Cory Jones was confronted about a boarding pass by DART police Officer Nikisha Manderson.

Jones allegedly opened fire and Manderson returned fire. The officer was hit twice, once in the forearm and once in her protective vest and is expected to be okay.

Two DART passengers were also shot in the chaos. Civilian victim Eric Johnson, was rushed to a local hospital but died later from his injuries.

Victim Russell Weinstein was hit in the shoulder.

During a press conference Wednesday, Weinstein said he was standing behind Corey Jones, in the passenger boarding area, when the 27-year-old started yelling at the DART officer.

“I saw his right arm drop. I never saw the gun, because his back was to me and I heard two pops,” recalled Weainstein.

Weinstein, 54, had just gotten a new job and was on his way to the first day of work when the gunfire erupted and he says he was shot by Officer Manderson.

“As soon as his [Jones] two shots went off the cop drew her gun and she just started to open fire and I got hit with the first or second shot,” he said.

Weinstein went on to say that he doesn’t blame the DART officer for the bullet that struck him, because he she was just protecting herself.

“I’m not thrilled about it. I might have done the same thing if I was the police, but I’m not happy about it,” said Weinstein. “I really don’t have the type of training to know what you’re supposed to do but that guy was trying to kill her!”

Richardson police Sgt. Kevin Perlich said investigators haven’t confirmed what Weinstein is claiming.

“Before we’re willing to come to that conclusion we’re going to want to look at all the evidence we have, both physical as well as ballistic-type evidence,” Perlich said.

After the initial shooting at the Arapaho Center DART Station suspect Cory Jones fled the scene.

Police were able to locate Jones at a nearby Vent-a-Hood warehouse, located about 200 yards from the train platform. There was an exchange of gunfire when officers entered the business and Jones was found dead.

Initially it was believed that Jones had taken his own life but Perlich said it’s still unclear if the man killed himself or was shot by officers.

The incident has left some people concerned about DART safety.

John Danish is the chair of the DART Board of Directors. He told KRLD NewsRadio 1080 that the agency is considering putting more uniformed officers on trains and busses.

“We’re exploring the possibility of the deployment of our manpower,” explained Danish. “We have a new executive vice president, that is being brought down, who has a lot of experience in the New Jersey Transit System.”

Danish said it is important for riders to know they are safe and that DART is considering all safety options, some conventional and some not.

“We encourage law enforcement officers to ride our system free,” said Danish. “[It’s] very similar to what 7-Eleven does offering coffee and doughnuts. We want officers on our system and we would love to encourage more of that.”

Dallas Councilman Dwaine Caraway is challenging DART to find a way to keep the system safe.

“Certainly the DART Police, they arrive in their cars, but in my personal opinion maybe they need to ride the train and ride the busses,” he said.

The Dallas City Councilman went on to say that it makes little sense to expand DART train lines and bus routes if passengers stay away out of fear.

In the last four months there have been four fatalities on DART property.


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  1. R Bradley says:

    Jerry Loftin is a complete idiot. Texas has a castle doctrine…no where does Texas law say,”if you got a gun, you gotta right to shoot”. Banning “guns” won’t stop law breakers, lest he thinks otherwise, find one place where it has and report on it. From initial reports; the officer involved in the shooting apparently needs one hell of a lot more training. If Mr. Loftin, or your station for that matter, is so concerned about safety, why don’t you start a campaign against alcohol? You can sit around your office and snicker all you want… truth is, you are nothing but hype sensationalist who ‘go along to get along’.

  2. michael white says:

    I was at the springvalley station today there were at least 10 officers there it was the most insane use of manpower I have ever seen. This problem of violence is so solvable it doesnt make sense for one in the stations where there are inside building waiting areas replace those useless attendants with trained Dart police who can do the same job but are trained to handle security issues. The current attendants just sit and talk and really dont have real effectiveness. at other stations that our outside assign one officer with one joining at rush hours, at smaller stations use frequent patrols.At problem stations keep armed security a lot of your cost would be eliminated by getting the officers to do the jobs of the attendants that currently man these stations because THAT IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY iVE EVER SEEN THEY ARE USELESS.One other sugestion is take some of the responsibility away from the drivers by using a recorded message on the buses saying if you use a invalid card on the reader it will automatically message Dart police that you are riding free a Dart police will meet the bus and check tickets, just the message make freeloaders think twice about bullying the bus and relieve the bus driver from dealing with bad customers.

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