First Lady In North Texas For ‘Let’s Move’ Initiative

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – First Lady Michelle Obama received a warm welcome Thursday night in North Fort Worth.

The First Lady came to an Olive Garden restaurant to meet with eight parents to talk about how they’ve been able to get their children to eat more vegetables and fruits.

Mrs. Obama’s dinner visit marks the second anniversary of her ‘Let’s Move’ Initiative to reduce childhood obesity by getting them to exercise and eat more fruits and vegetables.  Nationwide, nearly one-third of children are overweight.  Nearly one-fifth are obese.

The First Lady held the event at the Olive Garden because their parent company, Darden Restaurants, has started offering healthier choices on its kids’ menus at all of their restaurants.

On Friday morning the First Lady will be meeting with Dallas ISD elementary school students, chefs, and some Dallas Cowboys players to take part in a healthy cooking competition.

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One Comment

  1. November 2012 says:

    I wholeheartedly support the “Let’s Move” initiative, as in “Let’s move out of the White House”.

    1. Joe says:

      I’m with you on that one.

      1. Richard Simmons says:

        Yes let’s vote that fit and trim Governor Cris Christie!

    2. altha says:

      November, Why are you so jealous? i bet you look older than you are because this what happen when you are a jealous person.

      1. November 2012 says:

        Shut up, ol’ black altha, you ignorant ni–er. Why would I be jealous of an incompetent president? Your comment is nonsensical, but that’s typical of your race.

  2. Wake Up Call says:

    Mrs. Obama! Yes, over here. Joe Taxpayer here, you know, the person who pays taxes so you can fly to wherever you want on a whim and eat Kobe tenderloin. I believe I also pay for your husband’s countless golf outings. I have an idea. How about telling that lump of a husband to do something, and for starters, work on that huge pipeline, and get more drilling going so we don’t pay almost $4 for diesel, which drives up transportation costs, and thus drives up the prices of all food, INCLUDING PRODUCE! What do you say?

    1. Joe says:

      The Obamas are so far removed from us regular Americans they’ll never get it. Obama’s never paid for a gallon of gas or diesel in his life.

    2. George H. W. says:

      George W. never left the White House for anything he always was working. If he left it was always work. We never saw George W. golfing or having any fun all he did was work. He was always seen filling up his cars with gas and paying for it. Wow I sure miss that hardworking George Bush.

    3. altha says:

      Wake Up Call, If you’re paying for Mrs.Obama to fly wherever she wants to on a whim then you have paid for George W Bush Jr. So i’m asking why are you grumblin about Mrs. Obama? you never said anything about George Bush Jr. or maybe it’s because Bush Jr. is White. You are that person suffering from the “Crab Mentality” If a White’s can’t have it neither can Mrs. Obama. (you’re stupid)

      1. Wake Up Call says:

        Because the Obamas have done FAR MORE traveling on our dime than Bush ever did. Know your facts before you comment, blackie.

  3. Joe says:

    Mrs. Obama had dinner at an Olive Garden where chicken was served. She only ate a left wing.

  4. wyatt says:

    “Just hours after President Obama told lawmakers it was time to “eat our peas”
    and reach a deal on the deficit, the First Lady was spotted doing just
    the opposite. Mrs. Obama was seen indulging this afternoon in a colossal
    1,556-calorie meal at the Shake Shack, according to the Washington Post, which spotted the First Lady at the newly-opened D.C. diner.”

    hypocrite [hip-uh-krit] noun 1.a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

    1. altha says:

      Wyatt, You people are so jealous of the Obamas why? i know why but i would like you people to try and figure the out.

      1. DDR says:

        Figure the out? LOL Dumb coon.

  5. NiteNurse says:

    Mrs. Obama looks very fit and appears to be doing something right. I woulld like to know how much of that 1500 cal meal she actually ate. So she would like people to eat more fruits, vegetables, and exercise. Why are you so upset with her? She also supports military families as well. She’s never served a day in the military or did her husband. She just promoting a healthier life for Americans so they don’t suffer from health problems later on. GEEZE everyone you would think she was doing something horrible.

    1. Antnohypocrite says:

      She is doing something horrible, she’s a hypocrite. Anyone that’s agrees with her is also a hypocrite. She went to the Olive Garden because they contribute to the Obama campaign, get it.

  6. Barily Makinit says:

    I wish my family could just afford to go to an Olive Garden sometime, we can’t afford to go there and eat right. Come to our house Mrs. Obama and have some beans and corn bread and some sausage gravy without any sausage.

    1. Taint says:

      You must be using that powdered gravy mix that’s sausage flavored, like the rest of us poor folk. Jimmy Carter has nothing on that idiot.

  7. altha says:

    Barily, is that Mrs. Obama fault you can’t eat at the Olive Garden? stop grumblin and live. So what, all you have is corn bread eat it and shout your mouth stop being so jealous of this woman. You will never be where she is-you will never be in the White House not even for a visit. Mrs Obama is not a jealous person, she is not a whining person she stand for everything that’s right. and most of all she is not an envy person. Oh and Barily, Mrs Obama is not an IDIOT!

  8. can'tstandtheobamas says:

    She’s a socialist just like her tool of a husband and wants to rule the world.

  9. 1Psuche says:

    Michelle Obama playing dietary dictator to the country is really just about her acting out her own struggle with food. Its a kind of vicarious sense of victory if she can get others to eat healthy when she struggles with that. People resent a rumpus individual acting like they’re some kind of super disciplined superior heath jock. More importantly, get out of my life!… Such narcissistic presumption! …Michelle….how about we super size those fries….:)

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