missing in mexico1 Carrollton Man May Be Missing In Mexico

Noel Shankle (Courtesy Shankle family)

CARROLLTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Noel Shankle couldn’t afford a dentist in the states, so he left his home in Carrollton and headed to Mexico to have two root canals and some cavities filled. That was a week ago and his family hasn’t heard from him since. “He told me, mom, I’ll be back Sunday,” recalled Noel’s mother, Nelly Shankle.

Nelly says her son was headed to Matamoros to find a cheaper dentist. The 28-year-old flew to the border and rented a car. “The last known place he was at was in Harlingen,” explained Nelly.

Noel’s rental car was never returned and his cell phone has been dead for a week. “It’s pain for our family. He’s the missing piece to our puzzle,” said Nelly has she wiped away the tears.

Nelly says Noel has good reason to return. His 4-year old daughter is waiting for her dad to come home.

In the meantime, the family has turned the house into a command post. Everyday they make phone calls and send e-mails, praying that someone will find their beloved son. “I’m begging and I’m pleading. Bring my baby home,” said Nelly.

If Noel is not located by the end of the weekend, Nelly and her husband, Stan, say they will travel to the border to start searching for themselves.

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