Carrollton Man May Be Missing In Mexico

missing in mexico1 Carrollton Man May Be Missing In Mexico

Noel Shankle (Courtesy Shankle family)

CARROLLTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Noel Shankle couldn’t afford a dentist in the states, so he left his home in Carrollton and headed to Mexico to have two root canals and some cavities filled. That was a week ago and his family hasn’t heard from him since. “He told me, mom, I’ll be back Sunday,” recalled Noel’s mother, Nelly Shankle.

Nelly says her son was headed to Matamoros to find a cheaper dentist. The 28-year-old flew to the border and rented a car. “The last known place he was at was in Harlingen,” explained Nelly.

Noel’s rental car was never returned and his cell phone has been dead for a week. “It’s pain for our family. He’s the missing piece to our puzzle,” said Nelly has she wiped away the tears.

Nelly says Noel has good reason to return. His 4-year old daughter is waiting for her dad to come home.

In the meantime, the family has turned the house into a command post. Everyday they make phone calls and send e-mails, praying that someone will find their beloved son. “I’m begging and I’m pleading. Bring my baby home,” said Nelly.

If Noel is not located by the end of the weekend, Nelly and her husband, Stan, say they will travel to the border to start searching for themselves.

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One Comment

  1. rette says:

    I thought the same thing!!

  2. Rosanna Jaramillo Watkins says:

    regardless of your opinion my cousin is still missing. he is still a father, son and brother. and even though you post a rude comment that my family could see i would never wish this feeling on my worst enemy. so God be with you!

  3. Cherie Crisp says:

    I know that our U.S. government has issued warnings to not be traveling to Mexico, because of how dangerous the Cartel has become. I also know that we have a great Baylor Dentist College in Dallas, which is so much closer than Mexico. No matter what his reason for visiting Mexico, I hope he’s found safe. He definitely put himself in danger.

    1. DEE says:

      I have called the dental school and it is only 30% savings and paid up front. Dental work in Mexico is 1/3 of the cost here in the states so def a HUGE savings by trained dentists some of which were trained here in the states. Some people just don’t have the money I completely understand. I hope they find this man as it is an awful thing to happen to any one

      1. Jodi says:

        It’s odd that he went across at midnight, why didn’t he wait until morning?

  4. davina says:

    This is my cousin!!! FAMILY!!! No matter what the reason for him going to Mexico my cousin Noel is still MISSING!!! The helplessness we all feel as a family is overwhelming!! This is a nightmare!! Our family is broken! We are strong in our Catholic Religion, God is the ONLY one holding us all up! We will NEVER give up on Noel!! We will do whatever we hv to do to bring him home!! Remember Noel is a Daddy, son, brother, uncle, cousin n friend to everyone of us! I love u primo! I am praying every minute of everyday!!

  5. Pacheco Delgado says:

    I think he is a drug deal. That why he got kidnapped.

    1. Father Larson says:

      winner winner chicken dinner – he should’ve chosen a different line of work.

    2. dontberude says:

      I think you are an idiot who know’s nothing about the situation but feels the need to comment anyway

  6. BeNice says:

    Have they checked the hotel cameras where he was staying, maybe get some clues as to him leaving and what time?

  7. BDK says:

    Knowing full well innocent people are having their heads chipped off right across the border, who in the he|| decides to take a trip to Mexico to have dental work done?

    Go to a freakin’ dental school if you have to save money.

  8. maryjuanadealer says:

    Pre-paid cell phone, rental car, crossing the border at midnight…hmmmm

  9. armando,armijo says:

    noel,NO matter what people say,or how people think. we love you and miss you dearly. you are a great cousin a great friend. i pray we will see you again my brother. god bless you where ever you may be.

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