More Twists And Turns In Hamilton’s Relapse Story

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DALLAS (BLEACHER REPORT) – When Josh Hamilton held a press conference last week to discuss his relapse with alcohol, everyone had assumed that would be the end of it. He was very frank and candid, so you wanted it to be over. But time has brought out more salacious details and allegations of what went on that night in Dallas.

According to one eyewitness who had correspondence with the website, Hamilton was having a beer while dancing with a woman.

The witness alleges that the Rangers outfielder had a drink in hand and began dancing with a woman before going into the bathroom with her for a few minutes. During that time, “loud, sexually oriented noise” was coming from the bathroom and the manager of the bar was blocking the door.

Read more of the story “Josh Hamilton: Reasons Behind Rangers Star’s Relapse Continue to Twist and Turn” from Bleacher Report.

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  1. JohnBrown says:

    So sick of how the DFW sports media in this area bashes the Cowboys who have won 5 titles but speak well of the little country Texas Rangers who have won ZERO titles.If this was a Cowboys or Mavs player involved in a situation like this are the fandom/media more forgiving.?No way! Can’t understood why.the Rangers always seem to get more slack than the other pro teams.The media’s fear of the wrath of good ol’ Nolan?Or are the Ranger fanbase just more gullible to what the Ranger brass tell them?Incredible double standard and the Rangers don’t deserve it.At least the Cowboys,Stars,and Mavericks have won titles.

  2. Atheist Lawyer says:

    You know, “alleged” and such terms do not relieve you of legal liability. I hope Josh Hamilton sues you and your station for an ungodly sum of money for defamation of character and libel when this all pans out. You are publishing hearsay. Just because he’s a public figure does not make you immune.

    1. sasha says:

      Are you offering your services as his attorney and hoping for a big slice of anything he collects?

      1. AL says:

        No. I specialize intellectual property and copyright, and don’t like to go outside those bounds.

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