North Texas Woman Working To Open Burleson Women’s Shelter

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Burleson is growing.

Restaurants and shopping centers are going up, but the one thing missing is something Sally Blessing thinks is a necessity.

“We don’t have a shelter here and we’ve got over 36,000 people in Burleson area and no place for them to go,” Blessing said.

The Burleson mother is pushing for an abuse shelter for women and children in her town. She says the nearest one is either in Tarrant County or miles away and too far for abused women needing help.

Blessing is a survivor of domestic violence and remembers the roadblocks she faced when she tried to get help.

“I went to the local police station and they said well I’m sorry there is nothing we can do I said I’ve got three kids here what do I do,” says Blessing.

Now, the single mother of three is behind the concept for the Total Blessings Crisis Center for Women and Children.

It’s a place for abused women and children and will offer everything from a secure location, to counseling, to legal help.

Blessing has already gotten donations and registered the non-profit, but she’s trying to find a location which has been tough because she needs donations.

“We need this shelter now we don’t need it a year from now not two years from now.  We need it from now,” she said.

There is only one shelter in Johnson County.

Last year the location worked with some 300 hundred abuse victims, but that number is up from the year before when they helped almost 180 people.

“It’s very common for people to come in from other counties to seek our services,” explained Mary Lee Hafley, with SafeHaven in Tarrant County.

Hafley said the shelter there regularly help victims in Johnson County.

“If you are from a small town you may feel like if I go to the shelter or services in my small town someone will see me someone is going to know they are going to find out.”

Sally Blessing just thinks if a shelter was more accessible it would be easier for victims. She hopes to have “Total Blessings” open in a few months.

“I’m tired of seeing battered women and children become statistics on your news,” she said.

Other North Texas crisis and abuse centers

Family Crisis Center of Johnson County

The Women’s Center of Tarrant County

Genesis Women’s Shelter


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  1. Trish Jackson says:

    Awesome Sally.. I know you will make a HUGE impact in the county and be a valuable asset to many. I will keep you and the much needed shelter in my prayers. We have both worked very hard in finding our resources to make things happen. I promised to be a VOICE and a loud VOICE for so many that were afraid to speak out, couldn’t speak and the ones that were killed.
    We are working together to make things possible open up opportunities to women and the county. I am also a survivor of domestic violence with 3 boys . With my promise to women/men/teens I started a website http://WWW.VICTIMTOSURVIVOR.COM , it is about the “here and now” it has my personal story and many others that have been through the violence and some that are experiencing it now. I am also working on finding more resources for men. So many men suffer from abuse and because of the “male syndrome” they don’t speak out or seek out. You can also find me on my facebook page … It is a honor to know you and how dedicated you are at making your vision a reality. Together, we will SCREAM for the victims and someone will hear us… I PROMISE… MY prayers are with you… God Bless

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you so very much, that means so much to me. Total Blessings is SO NEEDED and needed NOW, it is a shame that money is the only thing holding us back. THank you for all that you do and the support that you give to so many. I am honored to know you and call you my friend! God Bless you and I will pray for you as well!

      1. Keith says:

        I applaud your efforts, as a child I went to some of those shelters with my mother and I have lost a close friend to domestic abuse so I understand the need for familiest to have a safe place to go and get help. I am a reltor in Johnson County if you need help in locating a place or real estate questions please let me know. Keith Norman 817-495-8103 keithnorman@kw,com or my website

        God Bless you

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