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rw whitts end Whitts End: 2.10.12

Whether you’ve reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt’s End:

*In the final analysis of how close the Cowboys are to the Giants I’ve come to this conclusion: There are seven Cowboys who could win jobs for the Super Bowl champs. Tyron Smith, DeMarco Murray, Jason Witten, Laurent Robinson, Jay Ratliff, DeMarcus Ware and Sean Lee.

*I know this isn’t popular, but I don’t think Tony Romo should be playing with Tiger Woods in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am this weekend. I’m a huge Romo fan and supporter, but with only one playoff win on his resume it just looks bad that he uses his celebrity and position for anything other than becoming a better quarterback. Of course, I also admit to living in a world where I pretend the players take losses as hard as fans. And that just ain’t right, is it Rob Gronkowski?

*There is a seven-second sex tape of the Rangers’ Josh Hamilton getting busy (canine-style) in the Sherlock’s bathroom on Jan. 30. I’ve talked to a source at WFAA/Channel 8 who has seen still images from it. So far the local media has declined to pay for the tape. But at some point we will see it, courtesy of Deadspin or TMZ. So now we deal with this harsh reality: Josh is not only a relapsing addict, but a slimeball who cheats on his loving, admirable wife, Katie. We’ve been talking about the tape since last Friday on 105.3 The Fan. If you hear radio hosts today breaking “new” information that Hamilton “may” have been a woman on the night of his relapse, well, you’re listening to the wrong station. Unless you prefer your breaking news a week late.

*The Giants are Super Bowl champs. The Eagles have the most talent in the division. But as far as the NFC East goes, I’ll be an even more discouraged Cowboys’ fan if Peyton Manning winds up with the Washington Redskins.

*Please don’t let commerce control your heart. In other words, Hallmark invented Valentine’s Day and the jewelers and florists are keeping it alive. Ignore it. Totally. Give your sweetie something on another day, just because you want to. When and how and what you want, not when an industry tells you to. Deal?



*So Giants’ co-owner Steve Tisch thinks he’s sticking it to Cowboys’ fans with this: “There’s a group of guys in Dallas that call themselves America’s team, but looking out at all of you and the millions of people in the streets, we’re ‘America’s Dream.’” It’s all yours. Enjoy. You can have the fabricated label, we’ll keep the reality and the five Super Bowls.

*With Murray State’s upset home loss to Tennessee State, there are no undefeated major college basketball teams. And, don’t look now, but the nation’s second-longest winning streak belongs to UT-Arlington at 14.

*Classic Russell Westbrook last night for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He dunks and poses and produces multiple highlight-film plays at Sacramento. Then, with the game on the line, he unwittingly steps on the out-of-bounds sideline for a turnover in a loss to the lowly Kings. I welcome a Mavs-Thunder playoff series.

*Speaking of the NBA, Jeremy Lin = J.J. Barea.

*New TV commercial I love to hate: 1-800-The-General. He’s an animated, 80-ish five-star general who is 5-foot 1, loves to dance and drives around with a sidekick who happens to be a penguin. Dude who came up with that whole company must have been stuffed on pot brownies.

*If Curtis Martin is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, that place isn’t near as cool or exclusive as I want it to be.

*Good TV this weekend. The views from Pebble Beach are always breathtaking, even if the golf in this half-ass pro-am tourney is meaningless. And, over in Switzerland, the U.S. tries to beat Roger Federer in the first round of tennis’ Davis Cup. Sad, our top two singles players these days are Mardy Fish and John Isner. Once upon a time it was John McEnroe/Jimmy Connors, then Pete Sampras/Andre Agassi.

*So one night the Fairview Farms Corral Barn hosts our 105.3 The Fan Bowl 2012, and a couple days later a huge party for Republican Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum. Weird. By the way, one guess who won the paper football tournament? Right.

*Calm down, Mavs fans. The regular season is only foreplay. How’s that you ask? The Giants became the 8th straight NFL team to win the Super Bowl without having the best regular-season record. In all the four major sports since 1966, only 40 percent of the time does the regular-season’s best team wind up winning the post-season trophy. Hot and healthy for six weeks trumps consistency over six months.

*This weekend? With nothing on the work-related docket for the first time in a looong time, I have designs on hitting the tennis court and jump-starting the process of shedding these extra pounds that have climbed aboard during the holidays/Belize/Scottsdale/Las Vegas/Super Bowl. Don’t be a stranger.

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