Missing Fort Worth Girl Found Safe In New Mexico

TRES PIEDRAS, NM, (CBSDFW.COM) – A Fort Worth girl who has been the center of a regional Amber Alert has been located in Northern New Mexico.

Smith and her mother Kimberly were located on U.S. Highway 285 near Tres Piedras, north of Santa Fe around 1:00 Sunday afternoon by New Mexico State Police officers who were working on a tip they were in the area.

The girl is said to be in good condition, but police are reporting she and her mother were ‘exhausted and hungry.’

Kimberly Smith did not fight officers and was taken into custody without incident.
The two was transported to Holy Cross Hospital in Taos, New Mexico to be checked out. Investigators said Kimberly Smith was lethargic, but Jessica Smith was in good spirits and happy to have been found.

Both were released Sunday evening. Jessica went into child protective custody, Kimberly was taken into New Mexico State Police custody.

The Amber Alert was issued Tuesday for Smith after she did not arrive at school.

An attorney for Jessica Smith’s estranged father, Phillip Smith, said his client was grateful to everyone who helped in the search for his daughter.

“She was just really, really exhausted and maybe hungry and a little bit thirsty. We’re just happy she’s back,” said Phillip Smith’s attorney, Tom Pappas.

Pappas said Jessica Smith will stay with her grandparents when she gets back to Texas.

Fort Worth Police are working on extraditing Kimberly Smith back to Texas, who is wanted on 2 felony warrants of Aggravated Assault and Endangering a child.

Police have not determined why Smith fled to New Mexico. The Amber Alert that had been issued for Jessica Tuesday was cancelled in New Mexico on Thursday after officials there said they had a lack of evidence the mother and daughter were in the state.


  • DDR

    WONDERFUL NEWS! …AND you beat WFAA to it this time! Now, can you please change WHITEY Houston to WHITNEY Houston on your opening page? It’s been there for over 12 hours now.

  • Patricia Gray

    Not much to big story, Why was she gone? We need details since it was an amber alert for us to watch out for her.

    • JEN

      Amber Alert is an emergency alert. What whould you need beside that
      to watch out for a child or even an adult. Where is your caring for and
      protection. It is not anyones business to need all the facts at the time of an alert. An emergencyis just that.. Find the child and then facts will come.

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  • Jessica Harper-Lee Powell

    “The two was transported…” Really? Do we NOT edit or proof-read anymore? Are there no more copy-editors? Whoever wrote this needs to go back and learn basic grammar.

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  • Howard Hilmer-Tyson

    I’ve been following this case ever since the amber alert was issued. Personally I’m glad to see that the girl was found safe and unharmed. But I think we have only heard half of the real story about this girl. Really her mother had to have some reason to take the girl out of state, I wonder if it was because of the charges against the father right now from when he was arrested late last year?

  • DDR

    No, there is no second set of eyes reading outgoing copy, as far as I can tell. They still have “WHITEY Houston Dead at 48” on their opening page, almost 24 hours later. Apathy and gross incompetence run amok over there, it seems.

    • DDR

      That was supposed to go right under Jessica Harper-Lee Powell ‘s comment.

      • DDR

        THEY JUST FIXED IT! It changed during an automatic refresh. Good job finally getting that complex task finished, morons.

  • deana

    More than likely, the mother was simply trying to protect the girl from the father…isn’t that how the law works in this country??? Protect the “rights of the criminal” to hell with the young ones who may be their victims!

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  • Dennis Teel

    why are any of you guessing as to what happened?? that just leads to judgement.//i won’t even begin to guess because i don’t know/and btw..i see typos in some the articles here also,but far be it from me to call people names over it//some of you posters are just rude a-holes with attitude./if typos disturb yo that bady maybe you should seek an anger management class to attend

    • DDR

      Wow. Nice retort. I see you have no education. Was that even in English? Maybe you should get a degree in Journalism and work for CBS11. You know, the name Dennis is derived from Dionysus, the Greek God of wine. Are you drunk tonight, or just naturally ret@rded?

  • Dwaine

    You’re right, typos all over. Only difference is, none of the people leaving comments get PAID to write like the staff here!!!

    • DDR

      Yes, thank you. I’ll typically see a lot of comments telling the person, who is typically mocked as “Grammar Police”, “Spelling Nazi”, etc. that it’s no big deal and they should relax. Yet, the point they are missing is that these people are PAID to write error-free copy.

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  • iulian

    here are some videos with her

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