CBS 11 Investigation Leads To New TSA Legislation

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) One of the most powerful senators in the country is taking action after watching a CBS 11 investigation.  Democratic Senator Charles Schumer from New York saw our story uncovering a pattern of women complaining about  the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents. Now, Senator Schumer wants to give passengers a way to complain if they feel mistreated.

Senator Schumer kicked off his news conference in New York on Sunday by referencing Ellen Terrell, the female passenger who spoke out to CBS 11 earlier this month.

“At one point the passenger was asked if she plays tennis because she of her ‘cute’ figure, “ said Schumer, who held his both hands up making quotations signs with his fingers as he said “cute.”

He described what happened to Terrell at DFW airport as it was reported word for word in our CBS 11 investigation.

“A passenger at Dallas Fort Worth claims she was asked to walk through a body scanner three times for the simple purpose of letting screeners in another room get multiple views of her image.”

And, Schumer was not only familiar with Terrell’s claims but also the complaints our investigation exposed from other female travelers.

“Some report feeling targeted or being subjected to a peep show.”

The Senator announced that he is introducing legislation this week that will mandate TSA post passenger advocates at every airport in the country who can be summoned by passengers to hear their concerns if they feel they’ve been inappropriately treated by TSA officers.

“These latest incidents offer further proof that passengers need an onsite point of contact who they can bring grievances to and who can advocate on their behalf when they feel they are being treated unfairly or inappropriately, “ said Schumer.

“Going through security at our nations airports should not be a humiliating or degrading experience. Because the TSA has refused to put passenger advocates at our nation’s airports, today I’m introducing legislation that would force them to do so.”

The RIGHTS act would specifically:

  • Require the TSA to establish an “Office for Passenger Support”
  • Require every airport where TSA operates to have at least one TSA Passneger Advocate on duty at all times
  • Mandate every airport where TSA operates to have clearly visible signage explaining that a TSA passenger advocate can be summoned
  • Establish best practices to resolve frequent public complaints and conduct training of TSA officers to resolve frequently occurring passenger complaints
  • And field advance notification calls from individuals with medical conditions or disabilities to pre-arrange for a screening process at the airport that ensures the safety of the flight without causing undue hardship for the disabled passneger.

In response to the proposed legislation, Ellen Terrell told CBS 11 she likes the idea of a passenger advocate. She believes the Senator is on the “right track.” Terrell, however, would like a “third party, unbiased person” to become the passenger advocate, not a TSA agent.

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One Comment

  1. DScott says:

    Just as you have the right to be “patted down” by a person of your own gender, there should be both male and female passenger advocates available at all times.

    1. Richard Simpson says:

      If a gay person presumably has the right to be patted down by someone of the same gender, why do I not have the right to be patted down by someone of the opposite one?

      Since it would be illegal for the TSA to discriminate against gay screeners, what assurances do passengers have that same-sex pat-downs are not being conducted by someone capable of enjoying the process?

  2. Bill Fisher says:

    As usual, TSA lied about the traveler advocate expecting that the issue would blow over and they would go back to business as usual. This is another demonstration of TSA’s utter contempt for passengers and arrogance.

    After saying the women were lying, TSA later admitted that two of the women were strip searched. They lie lying for months but expect us to believe them about the other cases.

    TSA and Pistole have repeatedly lied about every issue raised including promising Congress four times that they would conduct independent testing of the scanners only to renege on those promises.

    TSA is a complete failure and their lack of accountability and responsible management permits these kinds of abuses to persist. This agency must be replaced with something that actually works.

    TSA Crimes & Abuses

  3. Barry Soetoro 2012 says:

    Abolish the TSA

  4. Wandering Aramean says:

    Of course the TSA nude-o-scopes are a problem. But having another TSA employee at the airport to hear complaints isn’t the solution. Actually getting rid of the excessive searches is. Until that time we’ll simply have more of the same, with a Senator trying to make a name for himself but not actually accomplishing anything to solve the problem. In the mean-time passengers will be abused in this way or others, such as having their pants dropped in public (

    Not good at all.

  5. holdaccountable says:

    TSA also needs to record all communications between their agents (standard police practice) and retain these tapes for later review—and mandatory release after a reasonable interval. Congress also needs to ask TSA senior administrators how often they pass through airport security; it seems they enjoy government jets and may not be tasting their own cooking.

  6. Anthony says:

    It’s really sad that some people can only respond to a bureaucratic problem with more bureaucracy. Abolish the TSA.

  7. Bastiat's Ghost says:

    The US government is right now building DEATH CAMPS Nazi Germany style, and you think the TSA is giving you a bad day?

    There’s a reason I always bring up Dianna Ortiz with regard to subjects like this, because Dianna Ortiz is an AMERICAN CITIZEN who already got a taste of what the US government has planned for us.


    Ask yourselves that question, just be ready to see the door to Doomsday open up in front of you.

    1. Roger says:

      Please direct me to a reliable source about DIANNA ORTIZ.Thank you!

  8. Sommer Gentry says:

    We need legislation to keep the TSA’s filthy hands out of our pants. We need a law: TSA is absolutely barred from removing any of a passenger’s clothes, rubbing and fondling a passenger’s genitalia through his clothes, or creating and transmitting naked images of passengers. I’m not clear on why we need a new law to make sexual assault illegal, but somehow these TSA bullies are getting away with what would be prosecutable sex crimes if any other stranger thrust his hands up between your legs that way.

    1. Wally Hilliard says:

      How are they going to find drugs up in your body orafices if they don’t stick their fingers up them? Sheesh, don’t you love America?

      Our brave TSA soldiers are keeping more Whitney Houstons safe from themselves. They must stick their fingers up your orafices, murder 40,000+ Mexican non-combatants, and enforce martial law to do this. Sheesh, don’t you care about the children?

      And don’t worry. The brave TSA soldiers wear plastic gloves. So after they stick their fingers up the orafices of victim after victim without changing gloves they don’t have to worry about bacteria and parasites getting on their fingers.

  9. James says:

    What a wonderful idea. Just think if Adolph Hitler put a “Camp Advocate” in every death camp to whom the slaves could lodge their complaints.
    I’m reminded of Darth Vader speaking to Lando Calrissian, “Perhaps you feel you’re being treated unfairly?”

    Chuck Schumer, one of the biggest bags of feces to infest the District of Criminals. How about just abolishing the Stasi TSA?

    1. Jeff says:

      Perfectly said ! What we need is to eliminate illegal searches, such as those endured by women. The strip search scanners – forcing nude images of people – is unconscionable. Even strip club patrons don’t go through this.

      The scanners are still illegal when using generic image software, as they do inch-by-inch searches of your body without even reasonable suspicion – or a warrant as the 4th amendment states. In short, scanners eviscerate the Constitution.

      The sexual assault pat downs should have the TSA clerks arrested in droves – but apparently our police forces are incapable of “manning up”…..

      Home of the free, and Land of the Brave? Gimme a break. .

  10. Antifederalist says:

    Ditch DC. SECEDE!

  11. LibertyLover says:

    Abolish the TSA! Vote Ron Paul.

  12. Neil says:

    Why do I feel that the gentle Mr Bin Laden is smiling in his watery grave?

    1. Rakesh Malik says:

      “Why do I feel that the gentle Mr Bin Laden is smiling in his watery grave?”

      Because he won.

  13. Lunamina says:

    Our Complicit Congress, of course, would NEVER, EVER even suggest that the TSA screenings are WORTHLESS and that most people feel the ONLY REASON the government continues them is because “It is another way to force citizens to feel the strength and the power of the government, thus extending CONTROL over the population!”. I do not think it is any different than the NYPD frisking every black man that walks by! Anyone in power, ESPECIALLY MEN, love to show of HOW POWERFUL THEY ARE. I think it is another reason why HALF of the women in the military have been sexually assaulted and raped. And also why every REUGNICAN man in congress wants to subject women to such things as ultrasounds in order to get an abortion. It is another way to show their power and control, which especially has to be shown against WOMEN. I personally can attest that I certainly FEEL that way every time I have to undergo it. AND IT MAKES ME ANGRY EVERY TIME. I refuse to go through the X-Ray machines because I do not think they are a good thing for my health. But because I have a metal knee, I have to be ‘patted down’ by some woman groping me every time! I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT and it makes every time I travel a source of discomfort, anger and frustration! There have been some bad instances where I arrived at my destination so out of sorts I could not even enjoy my trip AT ALL! IF our government continues to treat us this way, I WILL JUST STOP TRAVELING AT ALL! I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TRUST ANY MALE IN ANY POWER POSITION AND THAT INCLUDES POLICEMEN, DOCTORS AND POLITICIANS! WHAT A WAY FOR WOMEN IN THIS COUNTRY TO HAVE TO LIVE! And I have to say that I also have not been like this most of my life. It started when Bush came into power and since then it just keeps getting worse, and worse, and worse. Sometimes I think I would be better off with a sex change! THEN, maybe I could get some RESPECT!

  14. Jim Kress says:

    Laughable grandstanding by Chucky Schumer. A passenger advocate who is a TSA agent. What a joke. It’s akin to the fox guarding the hen house.

    The “passenger advocate” should be a third party LEO who must arrest and detain any TSA agent accused of any act of privacy invasion and/ or perversion.

  15. redheadwrites says:

    Senator, why can’t you be our advocate & abolish the TSA? What good is an advocate going to be if they can’t do anything to sop these unconstitutional searches in the first place? If a local LEO is powerless to stop them, what possibly could another govt. employee advocate do?

    We don’t just want someone else to complain to – we want them stopped you idiot!

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