Josh Hamilton’s Pastor: “I Feel Like I’m Talking To A New Person”

dr james robison Josh Hamiltons Pastor: I Feel Like Im Talking To A New Person

Dr. James Robison, Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton's pastor. (Credit:

EULESS (CBSDFW.COM) – Josh Hamilton the baseball star, the homerun hitter, the fan favorite, is a Josh Hamilton you may never see again.

To hear his friends –– including his pastor Dr. James Robison –– tell it, you will see something better.

“I said, ‘Josh I feel like I’m talking to a new person,’” Robison said. “And he chuckled, as though he knew.”

Robison leads LIFE Outreach, a Christian ministry headquartered in Euless. He is one of several people surrounding Hamilton and his wife, following Hamilton’s relapse with alcohol addiction in a Dallas bar.

Hamilton was one of the first to acknowledge the need for a new type of recovery.

In a press conference acknowledging his drinking this month he said, “I cannot take a break from my recovery. My recovery is Christ. My recovery is an everyday process.”

Robison says in the last two weeks, the outfielder has looked deep inside to achieve that.

“I am watching what I would call a very legitimate transformation of his thinking and dealing with issues that go all the way back into his youth,” Robison said. “And the very things that perhaps made him vulnerable to the addictive tendencies that made him almost throw away his whole future.”

It has helped, Robison says, that Hamilton has been in a city that supports him. He offered a ‘thank you’ Tuesday to the Dallas-Fort Worth Area and the media for aiding Hamilton in his recovery.

Wednesday, Robison will fill in for Glenn Beck on his online show GBTV. Hamilton will join him for his first on-on-one interview since his relapse.

“Well let’s just wait and see what Josh says,” Robison said. “I’m kinda interested too.”

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One Comment

  1. WJH says:

    How is this news and how can anybody be talking about a “new” Josh after 2 weeks? I truly hope Josh is well and lives the life he wants. I also hope that James Robison and others get out of the media and off his coattails.

    1. Chris says:

      Clearly his first interview will no be the hardest hitting of his life. This pastor is going to lob him softballs the whole time.

  2. There is No God says:

    If a non christian messes up we’re THE DEVIL but if a born again christian does we have to just understand and forgive them. I don’t understand or forgive you Josh for going on a drinking binge. I stay on the straight and narrow. I work hard and never do anything wrong yet your god says I’m going straight to hell because I’m not born again.

    1. Kate says:

      It’s not about works or what we can do to be saved. He did it for you and it is a gift. I hope you will seek those who can answer this for you instead of being angry at what you lack in understanding. You are angry because you don’t understand. Ask Jesus sincerely with your heart if He is real and allow Him in the way He knows best for you to reveal Himself. If you ask with confrontation that is not how you would approach your search for other answers in life I would hope. So, I encourage you to sit quietly in a place of peace and with all the openness you can and ask, then wait. It may/may not be in an instant or that day but if you really are sincere you will get your answer. A great book is Truth Seekers by Mike Shreve

      1. There is No God says:

        I totally understand. Spent years in a Baptist church being bullied and harrassed by members into being saved. I am so glad I never drank the christian kool-aid because most of them have horrible demons that they have never really dealt with and feel Jesus is the answer all their problems. I live on the straight and narrow. I have dealt and faced any of the problems I have head on and don’t run to Jesus for forgiveness when I mess up. I deal with it and make things right. Jesus followers are idiots and need to just deal with their lives and maybe this world would quit being so messed up.

      2. Chris says:

        I think he is angry about the complete and utter hypocrit Josh is. What he did was the lowest of the low. He went out and cheated on his wife in as public of a fashion possible. He had sex with a hideous woman in a toilet. Thats disgusting. Obviously what she looked like does not matter I am speaking more to her morals. I believe the alchol had no factor in how he acted. i have never been so drunk that I had unprotected sex in a toilet making sure everyone possible would find out about it. Its amazing the amount of hatred this guy has for his wife. Good for you Josh you really showed her didnt you. Now hes got his pastor as a mouthpiece. I guarantee Josh will duck all questions in spring training by saying everything has already been addressed. Pretty much a cowardly move there Josh.

    2. altha says:

      There is No God, If you’re living your life doing everything right there is no where in the Bible that say you’re going to Hell. We have so many many so-call Christians going straight to HELL even our born again so-call Christians. for one thing, they are liars and God hate a liar Josh Hamilton is a liar and his Pastor is lying for him.

      1. Kate says:

        He is real and you can know Him and He wants to know you….not drinking any so called “kool-aid’. Sorry that you were hurt by some humans who have problems. Yup Christians aren’t perfect but they are saved. Your rejection of Him is your choice. Funny you both state this as “fact” I can tell you firmly you are incorrect and from my heart I am sharing. He is very, very real. I’m not going to comment on particular denominations but I was in one all my life that teaches tradition, then I did sincerely seek Him on my own and He showed Himself to me. Him being Jesus.

        I was also instantly delivered from cigarette smoking at prayer meeting with my new church with a simple prayer with the Pastor’s wife and also asked that I would lose 20lbs vs gain it like my mom did after she gave up smoking which took her months. I did lose the 20lbs w/o trying and never smoked one since and can’t stand the smell. I know others who have experienced the same with drugs (cocaine and meth in fact). He is real, He loves you and He can handle your skepticism…just seek Him. Athena your comments are filled with anger and don’t even make sense. I’m sad for you. We are not liars, I am not a liar. I am going to heaven and wish the same for you. It is clear you don’t know the Bible and have been hurt somewhere along the way. James Robinson is not a liar, he has the biggest heart and you don’t know him personally so your remarks are ignorant and from a place of hurt somewhere. If you don’t believe…that is sad but it doesn’t make it not true.

        Ephesians 2:
        8For it is by free grace (God’s unmerited favor) that you are saved ([c]delivered from judgment and made partakers of Christ’s salvation) through [your] faith. And this [salvation] is not of yourselves [of your own doing, it came not through your own striving], but it is the gift of God;

        9Not because of works [not the fulfillment of the Law’s demands], lest any man should boast. [It is not the result of what anyone can possibly do, so no one can pride himself in it or take glory to himself.]

    3. Atheist Lawyer says:

      There is no God: Will you shut up? We’re all tired of your idiotic rants against Christianity at any given opportunity. You obviously have some sort of chip on your shoulder about religion. You obnoxious militant atheists give the rest of us a bad name. Let people be who they want to be, even if they seek comfort in religion. Who cares?

      “I work hard and never do anything wrong …” Really? You’re flawless, are you? Idiot.

  3. Jeff D Johnson says:

    There is No God, your statement , “Jesus followers are idiots and need to just deal with their lives and maybe this world would quit being so messed up.”, sounds very reminiscent of a group in the 1930’s trying to blame all their problems and woes on one group of people.

  4. JP says:

    I love Josh’s baseball skills, but this guy is a fraud. So your drinking made you do another woman in the bathroom too? Stop using the bible as a crutch to get you out of trouble. I guess if Josh gets in a wreck and kills people he can get off the hook because its a “medical disease” ? I’m sure he would try it or throw his faith belief in for good measure…Give me a break.

    1. Chris says:

      I could not agree more. Talk is cheap and in Hamiltons case he believes all the stuff he says. I have seen people like Josh. Addicts that have to hold onto religion so tightly that it defines them. They are trying to replace the addiction with religion and it rarely works. I knew a lady that went ro rehab and she kept coming to meetings and hanging out at the facility even after she was done with her 28 days. She was terrified to go out in the real world and face her problems. One day she quit showing up and she had gone right back to her old lifestyle. She never had a chance. I hope Josh is not the same way but it sure looks like he never had a chance.

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