By Jason Allen
dr james robison Josh Hamiltons Pastor: I Feel Like Im Talking To A New Person

Dr. James Robison, Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton's pastor. (Credit:

EULESS (CBSDFW.COM) – Josh Hamilton the baseball star, the homerun hitter, the fan favorite, is a Josh Hamilton you may never see again.

To hear his friends –– including his pastor Dr. James Robison –– tell it, you will see something better.

“I said, ‘Josh I feel like I’m talking to a new person,’” Robison said. “And he chuckled, as though he knew.”

Robison leads LIFE Outreach, a Christian ministry headquartered in Euless. He is one of several people surrounding Hamilton and his wife, following Hamilton’s relapse with alcohol addiction in a Dallas bar.

Hamilton was one of the first to acknowledge the need for a new type of recovery.

In a press conference acknowledging his drinking this month he said, “I cannot take a break from my recovery. My recovery is Christ. My recovery is an everyday process.”

Robison says in the last two weeks, the outfielder has looked deep inside to achieve that.

“I am watching what I would call a very legitimate transformation of his thinking and dealing with issues that go all the way back into his youth,” Robison said. “And the very things that perhaps made him vulnerable to the addictive tendencies that made him almost throw away his whole future.”

It has helped, Robison says, that Hamilton has been in a city that supports him. He offered a ‘thank you’ Tuesday to the Dallas-Fort Worth Area and the media for aiding Hamilton in his recovery.

Wednesday, Robison will fill in for Glenn Beck on his online show GBTV. Hamilton will join him for his first on-on-one interview since his relapse.

“Well let’s just wait and see what Josh says,” Robison said. “I’m kinda interested too.”