Multiple TCU Students Arrested In Campus Drug Bust

By Ryan Crowe and Matt Goodman,

Editor’s note: Fort Worth Police issued a warrant for a man who shared a name with the individual targeted in the investigation, said Fort Worth Police spokesman Pedro Criado. The department used the wrong birthday and driver’s license photo and are redrawing the warrant. CBS 11 News has redacted that name until the proper warrant is issued.

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A six-month drug investigation at TCU led to the arrest of 15 students Wednesday, school and police officials said.

Four of those arrested were football players, including Tanner Brock, a linebacker who led the team in tackles during the Horned Frogs’s 2010 run to the Rose Bowl.

TCU Police Chief Steve McGee said the students were considered drug dealers, selling cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana and prescription drugs to undercover officers both on and off campus.

One other suspect, Hunter Wallace McLaughlin, 24, remains at large. Fort Worth Police have not released an official name of the man who the erroneous warrant was issued for.

Nearly all of those who were arrested were charged with multiple offenses, and sold narcotics across the city, from a Kroger parking lot on S. University near campus to Tomlinson Hall in the 3500 block of Pond Dr., home to the Phi Delta fraternity.

Eight of the suspects arrested were charged with delivering a controlled substance. According to the myriad arrest warrants, police officers were able to purchase marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, oxycontin, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, promethazine/codeine cough syrup and Xanax in the drug sting.

Arrest affidavits describe scenes of flippant narcotic purchases, of students who coordinated the sale of more than 250 Xanax pills while they attended a football game in Houston and another who kept more than an ounce of cocaine hidden in a dorm room safe.

LISTEN: TCU Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. press conference

TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini said the arrests were made in conjunction between the TCU and Fort Worth Police departments early Wednesday morning.

McGee said the students were parts of multiple loosely tied groups. Four football players were arrested, and two of the suspects were not students at TCU.

In the arrest affidavit, Brock, the linebacker, referred to a surprise drug test that Coach Garry Patterson gave the team. The officer writes that while buying marijuana on Feb. 1, he asked Brock whether he would pass, to which the player responded “I failed that b— for sure.”

The officer reports that Brock said he wasn’t worried about the results because there “would be about 60 people being screwed.”

“Brock said that his friend Ty (Ty Horn, also arrested in the sting) looked through the roster today and said that there were only 20 people that would pass the test on the team,” the affidavit reads.

Brock sold the officer 13.89 grams of marijuana before leaving the residence, the third time the football player alleged sold an undercover officer the drug, the affidavit says.

In a statement, TCU spokeswoman Lisa Albert said the statements could not be verified.

“The comments about failed drug tests made by the separated players in affidavits cannot be verified simply because they were made in the context of a drug buy,” she wrote in an email. TCU drug tests its student-athletes on a regular basis. Any student found in violation of TCU’s drug abuse policy is subject to university disciplinary action.”

Four current members of the Horned Frog football team were arrested:

  • Defensive Tackle David Yendry, charged with four counts of felony delivery of marijuana greater than 1/4 ounce and less than five pounds, three of which in a drug-free zone; two counts delivery of marijuana less than 1/4 ounce. 
  • Strong Safety Devin Johnsoncharged with three counts felony delivery of marijuana greater than 1/4 ounce and less than five pounds.
  • Offensive Tackle Ty Horncharged with felony delivery of marijuana greater than 1/4 ounce and less than five pounds in a drug-free zone; misdemeanor delivery of marijuana less than 1/4 ounce in a drug free zone.
  • Linebacker Tanner Wilson Brockcharged with three counts felony delivery of marijuana greater than 1/4 ounce and less than five pounds.

The other suspects who were arrested are:

  • 21-year-old Bud Dillard, charged with felony delivery of a controlled substance between 28 grams and 200 grams.
  • 19-year-old Cynthia Zambrano, charged with two counts felony delivery of a controlled substance less than one gram.
  • 21-year-old Earl Burke, charged with one count felony delivery of a controlled substance greater than 28 grams and less than 200 grams; felony delivery of a controlled substance less than 28 grams.
  • 19-year-old Jonathan Blake Jonescharged with felony delivery of marijuana greater than 1/4 ounce and less than five pounds.
  • 21-year-old Eduardo Hernandezcharged with four counts of felony delivery of marijuana greater than 1/4 ounce and less than five pounds.
  • 20-year-old Katherine Petrie, charged with one count unlawful delivery of a simulated controlled substance; one count delivery of marijuana greater than 1/4 ounce less than five pounds .
  • 21-year-old Matthew Davischarged with four counts felony delivery of marijuana greater than 1/4 ounce and less than five pounds.
  • 20-year-old Michael Kingcharged with three counts felony delivery of marijuana greater than 1/4 ounce and less than five pounds.
  • 21-year-old Peter Signavongcharged with five counts felony delivery of a controlled substance between one and four grams; one count misdemeanor delivery of marijuana less than 1/4 ounce.
  • 19-year-old Richard Putneycharged with two counts felony delivery of marijuana greater than 1/4 ounce and less than five pounds, one of which in a drug-free zone; one count misdemeanor delivery of marijuana less than 1/4 ounce.
  • 20-year-old Scott Anderson, charged with felony delivery of a controlled substance less than 28 grams; felony delivery of a controlled substance greater than one gram; two counts felony delivery of marijuana greater than 1/4 ounce and less than five pounds, one of which in a drug-free zone.
  • 20-year-old Taylor Codwincharged with felony delivery of marijuana greater than 1/4 ounce and less than five pounds.
  • 20-year-old William Jenningscharged with three counts felony delivery of marijuana greater than 1/4 ounce and less than five pounds in a drug free zone; one count delivery of a controlled substance less than 28 grams.

One suspect that police have named remains at large:

  • 24-year-old Hunter McLaughlincharged with four counts felony delivery of marijuana greater than 1/4 ounce and less than five pounds.

Arrest warrants show Dillard helped sell an undercover officer 250 Xanax pills for $775 out of a residence in the 3200 block of Waits Ave. on Dec. 29. Dillard was at a football game in Houston at the time, and had his roommate Burke facilitate the deal.

When the officer told Dillard about the sale, Dillard allegedly said, “Good, good.”

The warrant says a resident on the street had alerted police to narcotics activity there.

Carpenter sold an undercover officer 15 hydrocodone pain pills and four Xanax on Nov. 3 at a CVS parking lot in the 2600 block of West Berry, the warrant alleges.

On Nov. 7, Carpenter sold four ounces of promethazine/codeine cough syrup and two hydromorphone pills to an agent in a Kroger parking lot in the 3100 block of University. And on Nov. 16, Carpenter sold the officer four pills of oxycontin –– a powerful opiate –– to an officer in that same parking lot.

Zambrano attempted to sell two pills of oxymorphone –– another powerful opiate –– to an agent, one of which tested positive for the chemical, the warrant reads.

Burke sold 20 Xanax pills to an undercover agent on Nov. 17, the warrant alleges, and helped facilitate Dillard’s sale of 250 more on Dec. 29. And once again on Feb. 1, Burke allegedly sold 50 more Xanax pills to an officer at his home in the 3200 block of Waits Ave.

On Nov. 16, Anderson sold an officer 50 hydrocodone pills and had sold an officer marijuana three times since November.

A warrant for Petrie says the 20-year-old sold a police officer 10 hits of LSD in a parking lot.

Signavong is accused of selling an officer 3.5 grams of cocaine and one hit of LSD on Oct. 10. Two days later, he allegedly sold an undercover officer three grams of cocaine and quarter ounce of marijuana. On Oct. 13, he sold an officer five clear capsules believed be powered MDMA, or ecstasy in his dorm room.

On Nov. 2, he again sold an officer 3.5 grams of cocaine, the warrant says.

And in addition to three counts of felony delivery of marijuana, Jennings sold 10 Xanax pills to an officer on Jan. 26, a warrant alleges.

School athletics officials commented on the involvement of football players, expressing shock that the arrests came within a program that was the only top 25 team in the nation to have no players on its roster with criminal records in 2010, according to Sports Illustrated.

“We have an excellent athletics program at TCU, and an indicator of that excellence is the fact that we will not tolerate criminal conduct among our student-athletes,” said Chris Del Conte, director of intercollegiate athletics. “Our student-athletes are a microcosm of society and, unfortunately, that means some of our players reflect a culture that glorifies drugs and drug use. That mindset is not reflected by TCU, nor will it be allowed within athletics.”

Football coach Gary Patterson echoed Del Conte’s statements, saying the issue is not isolated to TCU.

“Under my watch, drugs and drug use by TCU’s student-athletes will not be tolerated by me or any member of my coaching staff,” Patterson said. “I believe strongly that young people’s lives are more important than wins and losses.”

The school says the investigation is ongoing, and there could be more arrests.

“This is the start of it. I think this is a very clear message to everyone in this community that we’re not going to tolerate it. And that we’re out in front of it before something terrible happens,” Boschini told reporters. “I’m extremely concerned … if one kid is involved with this, it’s one kid too many.”

Two of the students arrested were part of TCU’s chapter of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Robert A. Biggs, executive vice president of the fraternity, said fraternity operations have been suspended pending an investigation by Phi Delta alumni.

Depending on the facts, sanctions could follow according to the investigation, he said, noting that only two of the 100-plus members are allegedly involved.

The university said any student who was arrested and found in violation of distributing drugs could be expelled.

Currently, the students have been ‘separated’ from the school, meaning they are not allowed to attend classes, and those that live on campus cannot access their room.

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One Comment

  1. NiteNurse says:

    Wow this is a huge blow to the TCU campus but then again if you look deep enough on any college campus there’s probably quite a few drug dealers. However this drug dealer bust makes the campus appear so ghetto.

    1. Jake says:

      This campus is not ghetto, have you been there?

      1. NiteNurse says:

        Think about it. When a place is filled with a bunch of drug dealers and obviously users it is sometimes called GHETTO.

    2. altha says:

      NiteNurse are you sure this drug bust on this Christian campus appear ghetto or just low-down trailer trash.?

    3. LusciousDC says:

      How many white drug dealers are in the ghetto?

    4. Colin says:

      Karma. Everyone knows a half o weighs 14 grams not 13.89. Glad I don’t get my weed from those dudes.

  2. TheOtherOne says:

    I really like how TCU is handling this incident. It’s certainly not positive for the university, but they’ve been forthcoming and have obviously been involved in the bust from the beginning.

    Also, I don’t think there is anything “ghetto” about a bunch of rich kids with too much money accessing drugs. They’re just bored- bored and stupid.

  3. marshalllaw says:

    @NiteNurse. “Ghetto” is code for “black”, but surprise! surprise! I just finished reading the arrest warrants online and ONLY ONE of those arrested was black. The remainder were W/M or W/F. Bet you anything though, the one B/M gets the hardest time out of this. As a matter of fact, his name, Devin, is already being fronted by news reporters, as in, One of those arrested was Devin Johnson.

    1. Tiny says:

      The only reason he is being fronted was because he was on the football team. I have not seen the color listed next to anyone’s name!

      1. marshalllaw says:

        @Tiny. Go online and read the arrest warrants. They list everyone’s race and gender.

    2. thefirstone says:

      The term became more widely used for ghettos in occupied Europe in 1939-1944, when the Germans reused historic ghettos to confine Jews prior to their transportation to concentration and death camps during the holocaust.
      NOT BLACK – if your going take all that time to look up every person to prove “white people” did it, then take the time to learn the defination’s of the words you are claiming – people like you are always trying to turn it into a racist thing….

      1. marshalllaw says:

        I know full well the historical meaning of the term “ghetto” however, that is certainly not the way the term is used today. While you are suggesting I learn the original meanings of terms, might I suggest you return to third grade spelling. You state “if your” when it should be “if you’re”. In addition, you misspelled “definitions”. As I said, 3rd grade spelling. It’s clear you copied the definition from another site because at your literacy rate, you could not spell the big words used in the article.

    3. altha says:

      marshalllaw so you think GHETTO is code for BLACKS “wow” now i know TRAILER PARK TRASH is code for WHITE’S.

    4. Dennis Teel says:

      Ghetto is not a code’s not some hidden word whites use to mean’re one of those race card pullers.don’t know why you hate the term ghetto but i have an idea why./i always use the term ghetto to mean just that..ghetto.and too i get accused of using it as a code word.but the only people who accuse me of it are either people who live in the ghetto directly or black or intimidated by it for some other reason.what’s your excuse?

      1. David says:

        Wrong! Ghetto implies black to everyone …. trailer trash means white. Don’t try to justify racism.

    5. NiteNurse says:

      My apologies. Let me correct myself. TCU is now going to be T-the C-crack U-university. It’s a major blow knowing it was infested with low down drug dealers and users.

  4. What says:

    “I believe strongly that young people’s lives are more important than wins and losses.”

    Notice how carefully the coach chose his words there? lol

    1. There is No God says:

      I feel if as parents if you have raised your kids with good morals and set good examples for them they aren’t going to do things like this. Obviously something went wrong at the beginning. Like Jesus forgave Josh I’m sure they’ll be forgiven since it’s a christian university.

      1. Former Chief Catherine Smit-Torrez says:

        Sometimes even the BEST parenting doesn’t exempt their child from making a poor decision but it is certainly better than not!

      2. Fighting for Nothing says:

        Probably atheist parents.

      3. shocked says:

        right, because Christianity exampts you from all your indecrections? Ask and ye shall be forgiven? Somehow I don’t think Jesus had anything to do with this one. regardless of the offical religous stance of the University. Legalize the weed and arrest the ones that were truly selling the dangerous stuff like coke, LSD etc… Stop wasting our taxpayer dollars on chasing down college student potheads. The coke and hard drug arrests I can understand, but ruining a college kid’s life cause of weed? Our country is backwards.

  5. expected this says:

    hahah tcu kids. a bunch of rich coke-heads. that’s where all the ones from my highschool went that couldn’t get into UT. now all the TCU parents know what their kids are really doing up there…

    1. Proud Frog says:

      When did T-U get “standards”?!? Anyone, and everyone, can enroll in any one of the schools in the UT University System so you’re statement is ridiculous.

      What is true is that, unlike other schools, TCU chose to address the problem at its root, rather than brush this under the rug.

      1. Former TCU Parent says:

        My daughter went to school at TCU her freshmen year and unfortunately was the roommate of one of the students arrested. During her time at TCU, her roommate assaulted her and openly used and sold drugs. When we reported it to campus security, they did indeed sweep it under the rug and talked us encourage us to not press charges because it would reflect poorly on the school. They moved my daughter from her suite into another dorm room, effectively punishing here for reporting the incident. After that freshmen year, she begged us not to make her return in the fall because of the “goings on” at that school. So YES they did and do sweep incidents like these under the rug!!!

  6. evans says:

    You are so ignorant! Who do you think supply the drugs to the “ghetto”?
    Now you know!

  7. clare03 says:

    No large quantities of drugs, all hand to hand. No kingpin. No firearms found. No cahe found.

    Way to go, you just caught a bunch of little fish and destroyed 19 lives.

    1. 2sister says:

      If the charges turn out to be true, the only people who will be at fault or the people who were selling and delivering drugs. The school and the police will not be at fault.

    2. LusciousDC says:

      Why when the suspects are white, you talk about going after the kingpins. But when they are Black or Mexican, all the comments have strong racial tones to it. I guess these kids just made a bad decision too. I’ve noticed in these comment sections that White folks make bad decisions and Minorities are raised to be like that.

    3. stan says:

      WOW ! Finally some common sense here.

    4. shocked says:

      amen. and wasted out tax payer dollars

  8. marshalllaw says:

    @clare03. I could not agree more. But just wait and see how this pans out. The big dealers are sitting back watching while the little fish get carted off to the big house.

  9. smartmusician says:

    This is just to bad.These are kids who were supposed to be at collage making a future for themselves,and now they are going to go to jail,have felony records,and now they are kicked out of collage.

  10. BJL says:

    Satan is relentless. He comes to seek, steal, kill and destroy. No place is immune. The students fell to the temptation and now they will suffer the consequences.

  11. Former Chief Catherine Smit-Torrez says:

    Cass like this should not be surprising in this day and time. As a former D.A.R.E. Officer and School Resource Officer, it was not uncommon to see students who were not prepared to handle Life’s Situations. I firmly believe that the parents are largely to blame as they do not take the time to teach their own children how to handle various life situations they may find themselves in AND they tend to shield their children from suffering the natural consequences of their actions. When a child grows up with parents who rescue them from those consequences, the child then will never learn the extent that their poor choices can have. DARE taught students some of these tools, however, the parents should be teaching them. There are NO quick fixes in this “instant” society that we live in. Students now look for the instant fix for everything: disappointment, financial troubles, overwhelming expectations, big assignments, friendship betrayal, family troubles, dating anxiety, weight control etc. Parents need to TEACH their children and not expect the schools to do it for them and then offer them advise for handling their situations but allow their children to feel the consequences of those choices (both good and bad) so they learn life lessons!

  12. Ed says:

    These were just mostly stupid white kids who have been watching too many movies and thought they cold start a career in drug dealing. Well folks it just goes to show you that a career in crime is a short one and if you are white you will pay for it the rest of your life unless you are a democrat. Only democrats, liberals and welfare folks can get away with selling or using drugs. Examples are Bill Clinton, Obama, Most union members, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and almost everyone on Chicago’s political arena. Leave the drug dealing to the pro’s like our government.

    1. NiteNurse says:

      Aww! Poor little mixed up white kids. I’m sorry these are the worst kind. They’re kids who were raised in good families who should know better. If they got away with this criminal behavior who knows what they would be capable of in the future. Think about the health of the young people they have already ruined by selling them drugs.

    2. le says:

      dude ur totalli wrng about us democrats, if thatz the case then wat does that make u??? u kan’t jux go slaming former presidents and the one gud president we got like that. ur nothing like a U.S citizen jux like meh n for u to sai that its says alot about u. if ur going 2 the dumb one 2 follow the crowd like all these other people who who wanna slam Obama. stop talkin mess about us democrats and start lookin at the fact of what thoes money hoggin republicans are doin, cuz im pretti sure if we get another republican in the house then we all gone get hurt more that what we are rite now! check yo facts about us democrats and shut up while u at it cuz u jux mad at the fact that u don’t like what’s being done for our country now

  13. ISmellARat says:

    Why does only Burke’s mug shot look like it was made at Chuck E. Cheese?

  14. Dan Ford says:

    Too bad these kids have wrecked themselves for life now. They will all be felons and some of you are absolutely right. The big guys are sitting back and will find some more kids to carry on.

  15. Danny says:

    Adult cannabis use should be regulated like alcohol.

  16. BryanJ says:

    There is more detail in this story than I have seen on this website in well…possibly….EVER. College students selling some weed and cocaine, OMG, STOP THE PRESSES!! What’s with the pictures?? They’re just a bunch of kids who f*cked up.

    1. NiteNurse says:

      Sorry to bust your bubble but it wasn’t just coke or weed it was also prescription drugs and X. Think about the implications. Many of their customers now have drug addiction problems that may plague them for the rest of their lives. There are now patients in their 30s and 40s who are now disabled with severe heart conditions from years of drug abuse.

      1. sumday says:

        sorry to bust your bubble but no one forced those people to do drugs- they out of their own free will walked up to a drug dealer fully knowing the dangers of drugs and still chose to do the drug anyway. Now what I’m supposed to feel sorry for these addicts? They made a free choice and now they are living with those consequences. Drugs should be legalized. If you want to mess up your life that’s your choice, but I don’t want to spend my tax dollar arresting or locking someone up bc they wanted to get high. We don’t lock up people who drink alcohol and I know plenty of people who have bad health problems from that, we should treat other drugs just like we do alcohol. It’s a personal choice- you can’t say you didn’t know drugs were bad or harmful seeing how that message is everywhere, so if you still choose to do drugs knowing this fact than your addiction and health issues are your own fault and no one- not even the drug dealers- fault by your own.

    2. wvmmrh says:

      no..they’re drug this country they’re called criminals.regardless of how minor you see the situation.unless you’re one of those people that believe that what you believe to be fair should supercede the one of those morons on judge judy that says “but that’s not fair..or..i don’t agree..

      1. Wow, really? says:

        Yep, if it’s law then it’s 100% correct and shouldn’t be questioned, right? If a judge says someone is guilty, they 100% are! We have NEVER accidently sentanced an innocent person! Laws and government should be obeyed blindly and without question, good for you, your shepard must be so proud!

  17. listener says:

    Now Arzo Dohst’s (sp.) story was adequate. Now, however, she needs to learn that a good reporter does not begin every sentence with “now.” Now it’s very annoying to the audience.

  18. mccgeno says:

    This could happen at any high school in America on any given day. Kids have been dealing drugs to each other for 40 years. Drugs are easier to get for kids than alcohol. The war on drugs is a joke.

    1. wvmmrh says:

      yeah,but it’s the only one we have right i’m thrilled when we see these dealers put down!

  19. A says:

    If dro was legal, more than half of the pretty white kids wouldn’t have been aressted. Of course the latino was taken, to the border, oops, shhh.

    1. B says:

      I know right, when will people wake up and realize there are more dangerous things in the world other than a good high. But the unilluminated will always be.

  20. Wow, really? says:

    Whew, thank goodness all of those dangerous, unarmed young people looking to get red-eyed and hungry are off the streets. I am so glad the police department is takign it’s time away from hardened, dangerous criminals to get these thugs. Getting a college education and selling a substance responsible for 0 deaths definatly leads to a life of hard crime while being a burden to society. Thank goodness we have our priorities in order!

    1. wvmmrh says:

      pro legalisation are we??it’s sooo obvious,’ll never happen

  21. The Glaucoma Kid says:

    What a bunch of frikin’ losers…..Less like T-C-U and more like T-H-C.

Comments are closed.

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