Gov. Perry Looking To Set Up PAC

AUSTIN (AP) — Rick Perry wants to use money left over from his failed presidential bid to form a political action committee supporting other candidates.

Perry’s campaign has written to the Federal Election Commission asking about forming a PAC or super PAC.

A PAC would allow Perry to raise up to $5,000 from individual donors. Super PACs don’t impose contribution limits.

The letter says Perry raised $270,000 for the general presidential election and now is asking donors if that money can be transferred to a PAC since he didn’t win the Republican nomination.

It says Perry hasn’t decided if the PAC would back one or several candidates.
Signed Monday, the letter says Perry’s campaign has received at least $100,000 in refund requests from donors who don’t want their money used for other purposes.

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One Comment

  1. Nick LaLumia says:

    idiot for gov……….
    shamed texas…
    take a hike

  2. texas says:

    money money machine

  3. Really Tired says:

    I have a novel idea. Why doesn’t he repay the state of Texas for the money spent on his “security” detail.

  4. ken says:

    How about paying back the 800,000 dollars the state got charged for your security while you were campaining?

  5. NiteNurse says:

    By reading all the hateful comments about Rick Perry it’s difficult to believe how he won so easily over Bill White. You would think that all these right wing GOP conservatives had a gun placed to their heads as they voted. They’re such hypocrites and liars.

    1. altha says:

      NiteNurse, You are an IDIOT Rick Perry didn’t win anything it was given to him by his friends in HIGH PLACES. Nite did you see any of this “fool’s” debates he can’t read he can’t talk and make sense, you know like your girl Sarah Palin. Rick Perry calling for a PAC for his own gain why can’t he pay the money back he took from tax-payers in the State of Texas? his security, yea right you are a fool wake-up this punk is a liar.

      1. pamelag says:

        Altha: Not saying he didn’t get a lot of money from his friends, but he was elected by the public.

        I’ve hated the guy for years and never understood why anyone has ever voted for him. Of course, only 25-30% of the voting age population turned up for the election in these years.

        2010 votes for Perry – 2,733,784
        2006 votes for Perry – 1,716,803
        2002 votes for Perry – 2,632,591

        And yes, he should give the money to the State of Texas, not a PAC.

        Only 2 1/2 more years until the idiot will get re-elected again!!

  6. Miss Macy says:

    I agree with Really Tired and Ken. Perry’s first order of business should be to repay the people of Texas for the money he pilfered to campaign around the nation and embarrassing his state. I can’t wait to vote this narrow-minded idiot out of office permanently.

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