135470511 8 Babes Blog: RG3 Should Be Honored, But Bet On Luck

Andrew Luck. (Credit: Getty Images)

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Robert Griffin III was in town Monday picking up the Davey O’Brien Award. Quite an honor for the young man.

His career is going to be a very interesting one to follow. He’s maybe the fastest quarterback to come out since Michael Vick, and at the same stage of their careers, Griffin is a more accomplished passer.

If you are big on leadership –– and you should be at that position –– Griffin has a real shot.

You just don’t go to Baylor and win a Heisman Trophy.

That was part of the appeal when Mike Shannahan took Jay Cutler at Denver with their first round pick.

Cutler was the SEC Offensive Player of the Year. You just don’t do that at Vandy. That speaks to your ability and toughness.

Before the awards ceremony on Monday night, Griffin said, “whether I go No. 1 or not, it won’t affect who I am, the confidence I have, or the fact that I believe I am the best quarterback in this draft.”

While the sky could be the limit for RGIII, the best quarterback in this draft is clearly Andrew Luck.

Man, I love that guy. It’ll be a total shocker if he is not going to Pro Bowls year after year.

And ESPN –– which will have about 20,000 hours of television to fill between now and the draft –– will dedicate untold hours to compare the two quarterbacks, with a stable of ‘experts.’

I told my two boys, “Don’t waste your time watching those shows.”

No knock on RGIII, but Luck is the man.