Woman Doused In Gasoline At Saginaw Antique Mall

screen shot 2012 02 21 at 6 25 04 pm Woman Doused In Gasoline At Saginaw Antique Mall

Sisters Antique Mall in Saginaw. (Credit: Google Maps)

SAGINAW (CBSDFW.COM) – The owner of an antique mall suffered chemical burns when a suspect doused her and the store in gasoline and set the building ablaze, authorities at the scene said.

The victim escaped the store before the suspect triggered the fire, but was injured by the caustic gasoline, said Saginaw PD spokesman Damon Ing.

Eagle Mountain Lake and Lake Worth Fire Departments responded to the fire at Sisters Antique Mall at 128 Saginaw Blvd. around 5:20 p.m. Wednesday.

The 6,000-square foot building was a total loss, Ing said.

Vendors inside the antique mall said they were lucky to escape in time.

“I heard it inside my store and I could smell a smell,” said Ron Alford, a vendor.

Alford said the suspect and the owner got into an argument and “threw gasoline on her and said ‘I’m going to burn you and your store down.'”

Ing was unsure if the gasoline was intended for the items inside the antique mall or for the woman herself.

Thus far, the suspect has only been identified a man. Investigators are reviewing surveillance footage inside the building.

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  • Randolph Scott

    it’s getting to the point..well,it’s GOTTEN to the point,that you can’t even plan to go shopping with the assured expectation that you’re going to be safe//

    it’s insane!!
    it’s now so bad,i would never let my teenager outside to hang out or walk around,etc after dark!! it’s getting to a point that it’s gotten that drastic./
    two teens kidnapped in the last two and a half weeks and one is raped and the other is drown in the lake ..probably also sexually assaulted//more and more are we seeing in the news// it’s a shame..and insane!!

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  • The Macc Lad

    Comments about “fanatical Christians” are suspiciously absent from the comments blog.

  • pamik

    Most of us in the US commit crimes of passion out of hatred or during a robbery or something of that nature. Most of the crimes are not in the name of a God such as ALLAH. So for fanatical Christians, yes, there are some but most US criminals commit crimes selfishly to benefit themselves.

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