DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Another indictment has been handed down in a Dallas County Sheriff’s Department ticket tampering investigation.

Deputy Johnny Quarles Junior was indicted Tuesday.

Last week Deputy Derce Kirby was indicted for allegedly tampering with government records.

The investigation centers around deputies writing tickets during regular working hours, but they were claiming they were written while they were working overtime on a state DWI crackdown grant.

“What a shame!  What a shame!  You lose your career over some stupid greed make some extra money,” says Sheriff Lupe Valdez after hearing about the second indictment, “The important thing is that we found it we are the ones who found it.”

Sheriff  Valdez says some of the names on the tickets were made up and some of the bad tickets were warnings.

The grant awarded by the Texas Department of Transportation was a crackdown for DWI, speeding and seat belts violations.

Sheriff Valdez now worries about the future of the grant.

“They will say we want the grant money back, its not a what will happen they will say they want the money that we can prove they misused,” explains Sheriff Valdez “The money that we can actually prove that was misused they are going to want it back.  They deserve to get it back.  It wasn’t used properly but I’m hoping these officers who abused it will have to pay it back.”

TXDOT is conducting an audit as the investigation continues.

A spokesperson says if the money was used inapproprately then the agency will ask for the funds back.