Biologist Says Warm Winters May Lure Vampire Bats

AUSTIN (AP) – A Texas biologist says recent milder winters may attract some new, bloodthirsty wildlife to South Texas.

Vampire bats are native to South and Central America and Mexico. Texas State University biologist and wildlife disease expert Ivan Castro-Arellano tells the Austin American-Statesman that if the mild winters continue, colonies of the nonmigratory species could resettle in Texas in 50 years or less, and the state should prepare.

The biologist is one of more than 40 scientists working with the Institute for the Study of Invasive Species in Huntsville grappling with the potential threat.

The concern is the cost to livestock, since the bats feed off the blood of mostly sleeping mammals. Castro-Arellano says Vampire bats cost Mexican ranchers millions of dollars in losses annually.

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  • Ralph

    Hello climate change.

    • RR Worker

      Your statement is silly, this has been happening over and over again for millions of years, it’s a never ending cycle. The fact that there is gas and oil in the arctic circle just proves that it was once a tropical forest there. Get over it.

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  • Bob

    The other changes were much much slower…but then again you probably get your news from Limbaugh.

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