Commentary From CBS 11 News Political Reporter Jack FinkBy Jack Fink

The following is commentary from CBS 11’s political reporter Jack Fink:

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – After Rick Santorum surged into the lead in the Michigan polls, Mitt Romney is now back in the lead in some polls.

The race has definitely tightened. Romney has run a lot of negative ads in the state he has been favored. His father was a popular Governor there.

Many analysts predicted that if Santorum wins the Michigan primary, it would re-set the entire race. Questions have already been raised about another candidate entering the race if Romney loses in Michigan.

But it appears momentum may be shifting in Romney’s favor – at least according to the polls.

For the past several days, Santorum has had to defend his comments on contraception and the devil. As some analysts will tell you, spending time on defense is never helpful to the campaign.

Tonight, there’s one last debate before Tuesday’s primary not only in Michigan, but in Arizona. Santorum has caught up there, and now he’s nipping Romney, who according to most polls, remains in the lead.

Far behind in the polls are Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. Texas Governor Rick Perry will be campaigning for Gingrich in Arizona today.

Because the races in Arizona and Michigan have really become closer, just about everyone is expecting a very combative debate, one filled with a lot of political fireworks – especially between Santorum and Romney.

Neither one can afford a major gaffe or a poor performance. If there’s one thing we’ve learned this campaign season, it’s the fact that the debates have made a difference and have changed the momentum in the race.

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