Rare Snowy Owl Spotted In DFW Area

121948604 Rare Snowy Owl Spotted In DFW Area

A snowy owl sits in its zoo enclosure. (credit: PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

DALLAS (AP) – What’s believed to be a rare snowy owl has turned up at a Dallas-area lake and the buzz about the bird has been drawing crowds.

The owl was spotted earlier this month in Robertson Park at Lake Ray Hubbard. Forums on birding websites have been busy with reports of sightings and observer snapshots of the creature.

Photographer Geryl Mortensen, who stopped by the park last weekend, says it’s phenomenal to see a snowy owl in an urban setting.

Jim Peterson is a former curator of birds at what is now the Dallas Museum of Nature & Science. Peterson says materials are being put together to confirm what could be only the sixth snowy owl documented sighting in Texas.

The Texas Ornithological Society oversees the Texas Bird Records Committee.

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  • Bird Is The Word

    The bird is not rare, per se, it is rare for one to be this south – ever. They stay mainly in the area of Canada and the Arctic, with southern migrations in winter to Michigan and other states in the Upper Midwest, and sometimes as far south as Oklahoma. Texas virtually never sees them. That’s what’s rare.

  • Bird Watcher

    It is obvious that the extended drought has caused a shortage of rodents and other food sources for the predatory bird population as evidenced by the red tail hawks hunting in daylight. The big question is why the local bird population has so changed over the past decade including the presence of birds that traditionally were only found near the ocean and the absense of native birds like the Mockingbird. Global warming, air and water pollution, or something more natural?

  • boakley

    They have also been spotted in Burleson,Tx

  • Bryan

    @bird watcher – I was wondering why I keep seen red tail hawks…I didn’t know they usually hunt at night. I guess that’s why I remember only rarely seeing them as a kid.

  • susan

    remarkably beautiful creature! what a joy to have some of these in texas..i understand the drought situation as one other person mentioned..i have see a lot of hawks..more than average..

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