Dallas residents have to fight traffic with unpredictable weather conditions on a daily basis. So the last place they want to have to fight for each morning–before venturing out on the road–is their own bathrooms. If you live in a house with roommates, parents, kids, or a significant other, you may experience the bathroom blues. Long waits, unorganized mayhem, and utter frustration caused by everyone vying for private time in a single room can cause headaches. Here are five simple solutions to help you move from a life of disorder to a life of effective bathroom management. Follow these tips to ensure every member of the household has his or her private time to  keep order and peace in the home. 

Get organized

To eliminate the hassle of always searching, misplacing, or even spreading colds from using other’s personal items, try putting up at least one double hook and having a personal caddy for things used every day. “If you have more than one child, let that child pick out his or her favorite color, which reduces the need for labels,” says Kym Williams of Neat and Simple Organization in Dallas, Texas. “Color coding helps everyone keep up with their items and keeps the confusion down of who used what.”

Organizing your cleaning supplies also helps when it’s time to clean the bathroom. “If you keep the bathroom cleaning supplies in a caddy or bucket, and store them all in one cabinet or on a shelf, it allows for quick easy access,” adds Williams. If you have smaller children, storing your cleaning supplies in a hall closet shelf or even using child safety locks for the cabinets ensures their safety and also de-clutters the bathroom.”

De-clutter your bathroom space

Yes, there are times when you need a lot of items to get ready for your day, but take things you don’t need out of the bathroom, or store them in a designated area. “Things that are not used every day or extra supplies should be stored out of the way in areas under the sink or high up on a shelf or closed cabinet,” Kym says.

Dallas bathroom specialty stores like Uptown Country Home and Kiva Kitchen & Bath have individual style choices for everyone in your home and can help you meet your organizational needs.

Establish bathroom rules

This may be one of the most important rules for a multiperson use bathroom. Rules help establish order and keep the chaos to a minimum in the morning. To get started, just type, print, and post bathroom rules on coordinated paper. Place the rules in a frame and post or mount them near the mirror or sink area. “A few rules to get you started should include instructions such as hang damp towels on the towel bar, not the floor, re-cap the toothpaste after every use, and even no wet clothes in the hamper,” says Kym. “If you have more than one child then be sure to add a special rule to not use other people’s items without permission. Trust me, it will keep down confusion.”

Don’t be afraid to install more space

Even if you live in an apartment, there’s always room to add more space to meet your storage needs. Another tip for installing space includes helpful storage tools that help increase valuable space. BizPro Bargain Expo in Dallas offers Dallas residents thousands of square feet of shopping for homes, but particularly the bathroom.

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