SAGINAW (CBSDFW.COM) – Around Saginaw, the sounds of trains echo through the small town on the outskirts of Fort Worth. People know each other and like to help one another.

Cathey Rogers runs the Whistle Stop Flower Shoppe across the street. “We were excited about the antique mall being there. We even donated flowers over there several times.”

Rogers knows Deborah Scott and her sister Joyce Erwin. The two opened up Sisters Antique Mall and Tea Room last May.

Rogers can’t believe it’s all charred now. “It’s really sad to think somebody would do that and he’s still on the loose,” said Rogers “That’s the scary part.”

Tuesday a man walked into the antique mall, doused Scott with gasoline and dragged her around. He then set the place on fire.

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“She is obviously traumatized by the situation,” said Pastor Frank Briggs with the Lighthouse Fellowship Church in Fort Worth.

Briggs says Scott and her family have been going there for some time.

Scott is now of the hospital, and is recovering from minor burns and bruises.

Her congregation at Lighthouse Fellowship now pray she’ll recover emotionally.
“There is a lot of hurt and anguish about this and concerns from all kinds of places. The message is that God is there that God is there for the family and encouraging them,” said Pastor Briggs.

On the antique mall’s Facebook page earlier there was a posting which read, “Thank you all very much. Your prayers are so appreciated.” The page was eventually removed.

As for the suspect, police say they still don’t have a very good description, other than saying that he was wearing a red t-shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots.

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