Great Texas Warrant Roundup Begins Saturday

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Today is a good day to think back and try to remember if you have an unpaid traffic ticket, because tomorrow is the sixth annual Texas warrant roundup.

The roundup means a lot of people could be in for a rude awakening Saturday morning, as Dallas City Marshals begin making arrests at homes and businesses.

Marshals from across the state will begin rapping on doors at 6:00 a.m.

While the roundup targets Class “C” Misdemeanors, most of the offenders have unpaid traffic tickets.

“A lot of them affirmatively just blew it off and now have forgotten that they blew it off or they got the ticket, put it in the drawer,” Dallas attorney Brad Friedman explained, “a lot of the cities give you 21 days to respond to the ticket, and they just failed to do so and forgot about it.”

Dehlalia Hererra is the office manager for the Meyer and Friedman Law Firm and gets a lot of calls this time of year.

“I’ve had someone come in with like 25 warrants,” she recalled. “Lots of tickets that they’ve just gathered up… just haven’t taken care of. Now, with the warrant roundup, they’re scared that they’re gonna show up to their place of employment.”

In addition to possible arrest and jail time, anyone with a warrant in the City of Dallas is also subject to a hold being placed on the renewal of their vehicle registration.

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One Comment

  1. Craig says:

    Got to beat the bushes to scam every cent out of the people of texas.
    Just how much of this ’roundup’ cost to do?

    1. spenderofthrones says:

      They said they had one person with 25 warrants. I don’t know what Texas fines are like, but here it would be at lest .$1300.00 from the one.

  2. spenderofthrones says:

    In West Virginia today, there is a police round up for unpaid child support.

  3. JB says:

    Craig – How on earth is it scamming the people of Texas to do a warrant round-up? First of all, they’ve been doing this for years. Secondly, if they get the money out of the lawbreakers, they YOU don’t have to pay higher taxes to have the services you do. If they were doing everything they could to “scam” the people of Texas, there would already be a state tax. Just curious, do you even live in the GREAT state of Texas?

    1. Phil says:

      I’d rather they round up illegals most of whom get some type of handout. Rounding them up and getting them out of the country gives ongoing savings as they stop getting all the monthly handouts paid for by the working class.

      1. RD says:

        I would like to see them do both!

      2. Edgar says:

        You’re such an ignorant person Phil. Is that what the U.S. “should” be doing? I bet you’re part of the 1%-ers and never get a handout, right? If it is about the working class, I have a few of your kind that are very lazy and take their handouts in the form of not wanting to do their workload and taking extended lunches. And if you wonder, yes, I was an illegal and yes, I did take the job that these lazy people are not willing to put the extra hard work to make it happen. You should really take a closer look before you come to such drastic ignorant comments.

  4. lc says:

    I don’t think TX is greedy at all. We don’t have a state tax. It is a great place to live. We did not get hit that hard when the economy crashed. I love it and am very proud to be living here. And I support the roundup. They got the ticket. They need to pay it. Just like I do when I get a ticket.

    1. mc says:

      texas sucks. I went there and got hit with running a red light that was “yellow” and I couldn’t do anything about it. Texas sucks royally.

  5. America says:

    lc, you are right. dave probably is one that is hiding from his tickets. The only people that don’t agree with this is the guilty ones. I say go get ’em. They are lucky there is no state tax in Texas. i live in California and i support every illegal, welfare, medi-cal, food stamp grubbing loser. Maybe I should move to Texas.

  6. tim says:

    They should do it in every state, especially here in Florida. Not only would they make a lot of revenue, they’d probably catch a buncha hard core criminals to boot.

  7. christina says:

    How about a big texas round up for felons. The real criminals. The city must need the cash…. you think they could come up with 2-4 cops to go enforce the ticket problem……

  8. roblyn k says:

    How about an illegal immigrant roundup?

  9. Bee says:

    My sister’s jerky boyfriend has been hiding from a warrant for the past six months. I wish they had this in Illinois so they can throw his a** in jail and maybe she can realize that he’s a no good loser.

    1. roblyn k says:

      just find out when he is at work notify local police of his whereabouts they will get him if it is a serious warrant

  10. Hare says:

    We dont have a state income tax. But we have enough fees and permits to make up for it.

  11. Sivispace says:

    AS Ice Tea said, “Six in the morning.” I guess they will pay their tickets next time.

  12. Tovar the Lawyer says:

    I hate deadbeats. Turn ’em all upside down and shake the money out! Ha!

  13. billy says:

    well it just doesnt make sense how a person could get a something like a speeding ticket…not pay it..get another one..not pay it..get another one..not pay it..come on people..dont you think that the second time you got stopped that the officer is arresting you there on the spot because its called a bench warrant for not showing up for court or paying your ticket…lol..people got to think..and same goes for parking tickets..dude..they check your registration when they write those tickets and they put a parking boot on the tires and have it towed.

  14. billy says:

    sounds to me like Texans need to be on guard for the northerners invading their state and taking over..and not worry about so much those invaders from the south

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