Kimberly Smith Extradition Held Up By Deer

FORT WORTH (KRLD) – A Fort Worth woman’s extradition from New Mexico has hit a snag.

The snag came in the form of a deer.

A van operated by a prisoner transportation company was traveling through southern Colorado when a deer ran across the road and was hit by the van.

Kimberly Smith is being extradited to Texas from New Mexico after she was found there earlier this month with her daughter, Jessica, who was the subject of an Amber Alert after she was reported missing from her home on February 7.

Smith is expected to arrive at the Tarrant County Jail on Wednesday, she has a court appearance scheduled for the following day.

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  • NiteNurse

    Let this woman be a lesson to everyone thinking about having a relationship with a mentally unstable person. While they might be fun and interesting for a while you just know a wild dog will eventually bite you in the end.

  • bubba

    New Mexico to Texas through Colorado – makes no sense

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