Lawsuit Says Texas School System Is Unconstitutional

AUSTIN (AP) – Attorneys have filed a fifth lawsuit against Texas, this one charging that the state is not spending its education funds efficiently enough.

The plaintiffs are a small group of parents statewide and a conservative group promoting school choice. They want the courts to declare the school finance system unconstitutional due to inefficiency.

Papers were filed Friday in the 200th Judicial District Court in Austin.

Four other lawsuits charge that the school finance scheme approved by the state Legislature is not equitable in how it distributes funding to school districts.

This latest litigation is meant to intervene on those previously filed and may eventually be combined with them. But it asks the courts to examine how education funding is spent rather than simply if it is distributed fairly among school districts.

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One Comment

  1. norulers says:

    Inefficient? Of course, why wouldn’t it be ? It’s just another goofy scheme run by the government. The only task government does efficiently is kill people.
    Don’t sue because the system is “inefficient,” sue it because it’s ROBBERY!

  2. FedUpTxn says:

    With invading criminals entering this country illegally by the millions and dumping their multiple children in our school system they never made a contribution to, who is surprised that the schools can no longer be “efficient”? Now the criminals are running the country and Americans have no rights!

  3. TiredTexan says:

    I just wish these schools sent out more educated people than those that are filing this lawsuit. What a shame.

  4. joshua says:

    show me a lawyer and court system that KNOW what EFFICIENCY actually LOOKS LIKE, then maybe they should discuss EDUCATION.

    Where is EFFICIENCY in the constitution? Right Next to FREE PUBLIC MANDATORY education? Yeah,.,.Thought so.

    what a loser parent and lawyer bunch

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