Scottish Rite Hospital To Charge For The First Time

DALLAS (AP) – A venerable Dallas orthopedic hospital that has provided care for children free of charge since opening 91 years ago will begin charging for its services.

A group of Masons founded the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in 1921 to care for children with polio, regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

Robert L. Walker, the hospital’s newly promoted chief executive, says the hospital will continue its policy of never turning a child away, regardless of ability to pay. But he tells WFAA-TV that “health care is very expensive, and is increasing every year,” and revenue from billing will help the hospital best fulfill its mission.

About 90 percent of the hospital’s patients are covered by some form of insurance, including Medicaid.

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One Comment

  1. Elvii says:

    Charity hospitals charging… Walmart eliminating the greeter position… yep, this economy is doomed. Don’t believe the manipulated numbers, people. Remember, it’s an election year, and that bozo and his ilk are trying to convince everyone he needs another four years. NO THANKS! Keep the CHANGE!

    1. altha says:

      Elvii, Oh yes you have someone to replace President Obama. Let’s look at what you have Romney, don’t know anything but his money can’t connect Santorum, don’t know what the message is about ” the economy” Ron Paul don’t know what’s going on around him. Newt, just out there trying to put his 4th wife in the White House to act as First Lady what a joke.

      1. DDT says:

        Shut up, you illiterate moron. Reply later when you learn how to master the English language. Shouldn’t you be checking your mail for your welfare check?

    2. Chad says:

      We kept George the clown for four more years even after he lied to get us in a war. So what exactly is different with Obama? Yea thats right I keep forgetting Obama is a democrat and Bush was a republican…… bad.

      1. Schadenfreude Junkie says:

        BOTH idiots and BOTH undeserved of a re-election.

      2. Austin D. Powers says:

        Ah, yes, the old “blame Bush” rhetoric. Here’s a news flash: He’s been gone for almost four years, and Odumbo, even with a supermajority on his side, still can’t get a damned thing done.

      3. Austin D. Powers says:

        A supermajority until November 2010, that is, but still 2 years to get something accomplished, and NADA was the result!

  2. NiteNurse says:

    I feel healthcare should be a right for every citizen in this country. I’ve met patients (who are citizens) who are self employed but can’t afford health insurance. They work 40-80 hours a week yet they make too much money to go on medicaid. It takes just one injury or illness and their bills can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s just not fair. People like Elvil think it’s just a bunch of lazy people wanting healthcare but it’s not. Some can’t get insured due to pre-existing health problems. A big percentage are hardworking foks who for whatever reason can’t get health insurance.

  3. rd says:

    The dim bulb is the one that has to relate politics to everything.

    1. DDR says:

      Yeah, politics and policy have NOTHING to do with the economy or anything else for that matter. Who’s the half-wit here? HINT: YOU are.

  4. FedUpTxn says:

    The healtcare industry has become an elitist group that believes they deserve to make a million dollars their first year out of med school without any thought to the welfare of the patients they serve. A friend with cancer, and therefore no insurance, was recently charged $7,000 for one shot. There is no substance on this planet worth that amount in small quantities. Some drug companies make one million percent profit on their drugs. This is more than wrong and has nothing to do with politics and is nothing more than pure and simple greed without conscience. I know of another local person recenlty permanently injured in a clinical trial of a medication in which medical records were falsified, false reports made to the FDA, known side effects hidden from patients and people all over the country impacted. The FDA has done little to the people involved and cover-up was massive. No one is protecting patients while everyone is protecting profits.

  5. rd says:

    presidential politics have nothing to do with the hospital morons. must be a sad life when you have to relate everything you read about to how much you like or don’t like who’s in office.

    1. GWB says:

      Like you’d be squawking that if Bush were in office, right, asshat?

      1. Austin D. Powers says:

        The guy was speaking about the economy in general, you idiots, not health care. Jesus, reading comprehension isn’t your bag, is it, baby?

  6. rd says:

    I wouldn’t either way, because I’ve never really liked anyone in office and don’t let whoever’s in there control my emotions. I’m not Democrat, I’m not Republican, I am inactive. I just live my life without them. Nothing any of you “squawkers” do change anything anyway. Why let it get you all riled up, unless, of course, you just need something to rant about?

    1. Barney's Frank says:

      Spoken like a true apathetic loser.

      1. metoo says:

        “losers” are the ones whose ego depends on what’s happening in washington.

      2. Satan's Minion says:

        No, LOSERS are the ones who don’t pay attention to what’s going on in Washington.

  7. Steven "Corey" Higgins says:

    Take the time to learn the truth about the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and the recent changes and you should then re-evaluate your comments… Go down and ask for a Tour and see with your own eyes what goes on day in and day out… They are happy to show you…

  8. 1Calico says:

    No Chad,
    Once again he lied. Insurance would not change because of Obama care. The insurances warned everyone they would……who was telling the truth…No Obama!!!

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