By Doug Dunbar

I am usually pretty good, at having good days. Even when things aren’t going right, I’ll do my best to turn it around.

But in my travels in triathlon training, there are days, when I’m just flat worn out, or don’t feel good, or just need a break. Today was one of those days. It’s frustrating for sure, because when you have a goal in mind, with a date that’s closing in, a missed day puts you behind. Or at least it feels like it does. Today, I just didn’t feel right. Stomach wasn’t all there, and there was no real explanation.

But there I was, trying to muster for a 2 mile swim, followed by a 1 hour run. But while my mind said to “suck it up” and “get moving”, the body wouldn’t budge. My mom would tell me it’s time to listen to what my body is saying. My wife might lean toward “get your butt in the pool”, but purely out of love!

As I let the entire morning slip by, resting, hoping I’d feel better, I began reworking the workouts for the rest of the week. I keep a floater day or two in there, so it should be manageable, but for someone who is not used to slowing down too often, these types of days are no fun. But I did it, and proudly so. I resisted the urge, for once, to push through feeling really bad. Sandwich at noon with a nice apple, and the tummy began coming back around.

Maybe I didn’t eat enough yesterday? Possible. Got to work in the afternoon, not feeling terrific, but far better than when the day started. I’ll do the 10pm news tonight, get home and get to bed, and wake up with the kids again tomorrow. Crossing my fingers to get back into the pool and on the road. I’m sure all will be good, this day was meant to tell me something. Maybe it was “sometimes, you just gotta sit the sidelines”.