Customer Says Clear Gel Flowed From Breast Injections

TYLER (AP) – A customer hospitalized by an East Texas beautician’s breast enhancement injections says the clear gel used oozed from the injection site until the beautician sealed the puncture with cotton and Super Glue.

Sheena Bradford was hospitalized with severe chest pain after the injection administered at Carmel Foster’s Tyler beauty shop. In a police affidavit, Bradford said Foster injected her with 12 syringes filled with the unknown clear gel on Feb. 15, her breasts immediately became swollen and the gel oozed from the site’s holes until Foster sealed them.

Two days later, Bradford was hospitalized with what doctors diagnosed as built-up blood and air in her lungs. Foster’s charged with two counts of practicing medicine without a license and is in Smith County Jail in Tyler. Jail records list no attorney.

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  • fazhamikey

    First off, what kind of an IDIOT goes to a beauty parlor for breast enhancement and allows a beautician to inject her breasts with 12 syringes of an unknown clear gell? Geez, some people are so STUPID!!!

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  • oldman68

    Please tell me this woman doesn’t vote and take part in our society-what a DA.If she hasn’t the good sense to at least go to a MD for this treatment then she should have someone who looks after her.Oh here comes her lawyer-guess she will try to get big bucks from this-what sone people will do.

  • NiteNurse

    This woman has just proven Darwin’s theory of natural selection. You know the theory that only the strongest and most intelligent of the species will survive.

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