Hundreds Protest American Airlines Layoffs At DFW Airport

photo 18 Hundreds Protest American Airlines Layoffs At DFW Airport

Union workers protest American Airlines job layoffs at DFW Airport on Feb. 29, 2012. (Credit: Joel Thomas/KTVT)

DFW AIRPORT (CBSDFW.COM) – Katie Jerzabek took a bit longer than she’d planned after dropping off her friend at DFW Airport, Wednesday. After all, how could she ignore hundreds of people marching in racetrack pattern, holding signs and chanting, “Its not fair! Its not fair!” in front of Terminal D?

“I was dropping my friend off at work and I saw the protest and was wondering what it was about,” Jarzabek said. “You just don’t see this every day.”

The Transportation Workers Union organized the protest to put pressure on American Airlines and its parent company the AMR Corporation as it threatens massive layoffs during its bankruptcy reorganization.

But pilots, flight attendants and communications workers joined in the march of more than 200 people as well to ask for the same thing: “A fair chance for everybody,” said flight attendant Amanda Miller. “Not just taking away everything everybody has worked so hard for.”

The TWU wants AMR to offer buyout offers for workers who leave voluntarily.

With 9,000 of the 13,000 proposed layoffs in their union, TWU workers say corporate management needs to suffer more so union workers suffer less.

“Now we’re bankrupt,” said Brian Parker, TWU Strike Coordinator. “They’re going to go into bankruptcy as millionaires. They’re going to come out as millionaires. We’ll come out with job loss, divorce, suicide.”

It was a message new to Jarzabek.

“It said, ‘Stop corporate greed,” she said as she read one of the picketer’s signs. “I knew they claimed bankruptcy but I never looked into the subject.”

American Airlines Spokesman Bruce Hicks released a statement:

“These are challenging times for everyone at American Airlines and we know change is difficult. It’s important to remember every employee group – labor, independent, support staff and management – is affected. These were not easy decisions to make, but they were made out of necessity. Our goal is to preserve as many jobs as possible and emerge from restructuring a successful, profitable company. Our focus right now is quickly reaching consensual agreements with each of our unions to help American Airlines reduce its costs and regain competitive footing in the industry.”

AMR also has a website dedicated to its bankruptcy/restructuring.

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One Comment

  1. B Call says:

    Good to point out labor is the most common deep cuts for job loss. Go employees!!!!!!!!

  2. susan says:

    the only way any employee group..and i mean any union or non..are going to actually believe aa/amr is in dire straits enough to have gone to the bankruptcy court, is for the corporation to post all of the financial information with no strings attached from complete executive salaries,pensions and bonus amounts over the last 2 or 3 years as well as the expenses incurred with aircraft,labor,benefits..the whole nine yards..maybe if everyone could see this in black and white for themselves,they would understand the layoff situation, the closing of facilities and the routes that might be deleted or changed..this goes for american eagle as well because nothing has been said about them..picketing,lawsuits and petitions will not and do not change the fact that aa is already in the bankruptcy court, and they have set a course of action in accordance with the bankruptcy laws and the judge..they have more than enough attorney groups with high fees to cover all the angles, and the money they are earning has been published..aa cannot move forward as horton has stated, because the turmoil is just getting worse and no one is willing to accept what is going on..i am a retiree and i am affected as well, but i am a realist and i know the only other alternative is chapter 7, where no one wins out!!!!!!!

    1. sdsemail says:

      Suisan, to give personal salary information is not a good idea at all!! Would you want your employer to post your salaries so everyone in the country could see how much you earn? Now, if you are talking about a lump sum figure for the executive salaries, that is totally different.

      1. susan says:

        executive salaries at aa have already been can find charts showing the average yearly salary and range of mechanics for different airlines, as well as pilots according to seniority..a chart with all of these showing comparisons and amounts might give some people a little better understanding of the situation, as a lot of people dont bother to educate themselves before making statements or forming opinions….by the way..there is a publication called “parade” in the sunday papers of most large cities, which yearly publishes a section called “what people earn” from actors,to doctors to farmers, to dog walkers..its enlightening..the name,hometowns and occupations are listed..unless you owe the irs, why is that a problem?..i am simply saying honesty and transparency on all of the issues would give the hard nosed a better idea of the “whys” and “wherefores”….i was a 28 year veteren of aa so im not totally ignorant of the facts,…

  3. PlanoTexan says:

    What do these people not understand about a company not being able to meet its financial obligations due to this “wonderful” economy. Now gas prices are rising sky high which will only make it worse and Obama just says “green energy” Well green energy won’t power one of these planes. It is sad people are affected by this, but being union workers does not make them exempt from the economic downturn. Many companies have had to lay off employees in this economic climate. You can march all you want with your signs, but it is not going to change the fact that AMR is broke.

  4. Patron says:

    AA may be broke but they still are not being honest. Let’s have a report about why they continue to fund executive pensions and plan to continue that practice….but dump the average workers pension.

    Still a shining example of corporate greed.

  5. FedUpTxn says:

    The airline industry has traditionally paid it’s employees three times or more what most American jobs pay. Then they want to whine like school children when the country can no longer afford to support their lavish life style.

  6. 57 States, yep, I have seen them! says:

    While we are all at this “full disclosure” and honesty thing, let’s get the union bosses to show their pay scale, we will also need to see the pention plan of the union bosses. They fly all over the country supporting other union thugs and complain about people JUST LIKE THEM and they convince their drones to follow suit! PS: I am talking about the TWU union, not Washington politics, but in this case, it is about the same, the only difference is AA is not stealing from the pention plans (yet) like the good old government steal from SS.

  7. Brewer says:

    What are they protesting- the realities of the bankruptcy court?

    Their signs should say “Our union drove us off the cliff!”

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