Bus Service Could Pave Way For Light Rail In Mesquite

MESQUITE (CBSDFW.COM) – A new shuttle service starting in Mesquite this month could pave the way for a new light rail system east of Dallas.

Beginning March 12, riders will be able to catch a bus from Hanby Stadium near downtown Mesquite to DART’s Lawnview station, seven miles away.  “We’re testing the water for something bigger,” said Assistant City Manager Jerome Dittman.

Dittman predicts, within six months’ time, the busses will service between 200-250 riders a day, proving there’s enough interest to support light rail.  “If we’ve got 200 people a day on a shuttle bus, we ought to easily draw 1,000 people a day on a light rail,” he said.

The city has already mapped out a route and plotted three stations near the Mesquite Rodeo, Hanby Stadium, and the Mesquite airport.

The plan for light rail does have opposition from residents like Barry Walker.  “I think they ran around the backdoor to get this in,” he said.

Back in 1983, voters in Mesquite rejected a proposal to join the DART system and some feel city leaders are ignoring that vote.

Dittman points out it lost by a margin of only 21 votes.  He says if the city considers joining DART or starting a transportation authority of its own, it will hold an election.

The city is offering a free weekly pass for the shuttle for the first 150 people who sign up with them.  You can request your pass by emailing them at freepass@cityofmesquite.com

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One Comment

  1. Tom P says:

    Why should we let Mesquite join Dart now after 24 years of not contributing to build it? Why should they get equal benefits to those of in cities who supported Dart from the beginning? Mesquite made a decision wway beck then to not join Dart; let anybody who wants to ride it move to a city that supports mass transit.

  2. Colleen says:

    No benefits having DART in Mesquite…it will just bring more trash into this city. And quite frankly, the shuttle takes you to a station that isn’t in a safe place, so why the heck would anyone go there? I’ll drive, thank you.

    1. t wilson says:

      you right colleen, why get dart to bring good people into a racist city to live next to a racist like you. you live in a unsafe area

  3. patrick r. orsburn says:

    I rode dart for several years while living in east dallas. :I specifically do not want dart due to the lack of law enforcement. Crime will go up. Our police have enough to do. Dart police are a reactionary force not a proactive force. They do not keep police at every train station during all operating hours making it unsafe to the public and immediate area surrounding the station. This is a fact. Thats why we hear of these violent crimes involving DART bus and train routes. I personally witnessed several crimes while riding dart for those few years. I witnessed also Darts inability to secure its stations.

  4. YRofTexas says:

    Ok, why not have the Mesquite citizens vote whether or not they want this with the addendum that there be sufficient security in place (lighting, cameras, police). As the DFW grows larger, mass transit will not be an option. It will be forced upon the population, no matter the politics.
    Best to get the best routes set up now, before land gets too tight and restricted to put in good and efficient lines. I voted NO back in my 20’s when all this started; but that was a younger person who could not see the growth possibilities and true need.
    We need it; all cities need to get on board, and structure the rail the way that meets their needs for today and the future. It’s no longer a choice; something has to give.
    If we don’t be proactive about it, transportation will be impossible.

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