roy Doctor Accused Of Historic Healthcare Scam Appears In Court

A court-artist rendering of Dr. Jacques Roy, who is accused of the largest healthcare scam in the nation's history. He appeared in court on March 5, 2012. (Credit:

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A federal magistrate in Dallas has ruled the Rockwall doctor accused of running the largest healthcare scam in the country must remain locked up in federal custody until after the outcome of his trial.

Dr. Jacques Roy appeared in court Monday afternoon wearing an orange jumpsuit.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges he and others defrauded Medicare and Medicaid out of more than $375 million dollars from 2006 through last year.

An agent with state attorney general’s office told the judge that Roy had a bogus ID and bank accounts in that other name.

They say Roy also had books advising how to make his money and assets disappear. Roy’s attorney said the books and bogus ID were found in Roy’s attic.

It was last June when federal agents raided Roy’s Rockwall house and office. Prosecutors called Roy calculating and a predator.

His attorney Patrick McLain says his client was stoic, and took the judge’s ruling in stride.

McLain brought Dr. Roy’s neighbors, employees, and even a former patient to court to testify on Roy’s behalf.

In court, they all called him kind and honest. But in the end, the judge felt Roy was a likely to flee the country if she released him.

No trial date has been set yet.

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