Medicare Fraud Suspect To Appear In Dallas Court

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dr. Jacques Roy will appear in federal court on Monday, asking to be released from jail on bond. Roy is said to be the ringleader of the nation’s largest Medicare fraud ever. The FBI said that the scam cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Roy is currently in custody, but he and his attorney will be at a federal courtroom in Dallas to ask that his bail be set, so that he can be released during the time leading up to his trial. This detention hearing is set for 2:00 p.m. Monday afternoon.

Roy’s office in DeSoto and his lakefront home in Rockwall were both raided last month.

Prosecutors stated that Roy ran a boiler room out of his office, and he hired recruiters to bring in new patients. Investigators said that Roy and his six alleged co-conspirators ran a “well-oiled fraudulent enterprise … making millions by recruiting thousands of patients for unnecessary services, and billing Medicare for those services.”

The FBI has seized Roy’s assets. They want to recover the nearly $19 million that Roy has allegedly made in profits.

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One Comment

  1. NiteNurse says:

    It’s interesting that we can get a photo of every criminal that’s booked for a crime but a physician who commits the biggest robbery of the US government and NO PHOTO???

  2. Josh jones says:

    Yea Breath Of Life should be right next to him!

  3. truthseeker says:

    Courtroom sketches portray a Dr Jacques Roy who looks Pakistani. My online search shows that Roy is a common last name in Bangladesh. Google “Dr. Arjit Roy,” for instance, and you will find lots of Bangladeshi Roys living in the West. (I mean no slur against these other Dr. Roys: I mention them only to prove that the name Roy often indicates non-western origins.)
    It is comical that so many government officials were filmed making the announcement of arrests, but the charts they used to illustrate the scam had only “head icons” of the accused. No pictures and no perp walks.
    Interestingly, two of the accused bear the last name Akamnomu, a name common in fraud-filled Nigeria. I presume they were the two defendants who were required to surrender their passports. Were they here illegally?
    Another accused, Charity Eleda, bears a last name associated with Afro-Cuban religions. Look up for more information on this topic. Or search for Eleda in Wikipedia. You’ll find Eleda is one of the names of a tricky and deceitful African deity who often teaches humans harsh lessons. How appropriate.
    Dr. Roy’s cohorts often trolled for fake patients at The Bridge Homeless Shelter. My internet search shows that the man who runs this shelter has a westernized name, but is of Indian or Pakistani area appearance. This man is praised as currently co-operating with investigators, but claims he never noticed Roy’s activities at his shelter in the years prior to the investigation. Hmm.
    I can find no information on the other defendants in this case which would indicate immigrant status. Probably home-grown fraudsters. We have enough already.
    The federally-funded home health care business appears to be about as corrupt as wall street. And it seems to be especially attractive to immigrants. For more info, google Minnesota Somali home health care fraud, or Lewiston, Maine home health care fraud.

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