By Susy Solis, CBS 11 News
momo Mother Of Slain 5 Year Old Calls For Speed Bumps Near Crash Site

Khyla Hayes, who was killed by a hit and run driver on March 4, 2012. (Credit: Hayes family)

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The mother of a 5-year-old girl killed in a hit and run accident Sunday is calling for speed bumps on the street where her daughter was killed.

Keshia Williams believes her daughter Khyla Hayes’s life may have been saved had there been speed bumps or some other sort of deterrent along Southcrest Court.

A makeshift memorial of flowers, teddy bears, balloons and signs saying goodbye to “Moomoo,” Khyla’s nickname, mark the crash site.

Kathy Bolf, captain of the Neighborhood Crime Watch, said she has asked the city for speed bumps in the area for years to prevent a tragedy like Sunday’s.

“They wouldn’t do anything. They said they don’t do that anymore,” Bolf said.

The city of Fort Worth eliminated their speed bump program years ago due to budget constraints.

But residents like Williams say something needs to be done.

“You’ve got commercial trucks coming through here,” Williams said. “We need speed bumps, a walkway, a stop sign, a yield sign, something.”

photo 24 Mother Of Slain 5 Year Old Calls For Speed Bumps Near Crash Site

A makeshift memorial for Khyla Hayes, who was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver on March 4, 2012. (Credit: Chuck Schechner/KRLD)

The vehicle also hit Lamarion Perry, 6. He was transported to Cook Children’s and survived the incident.

“He got 15 staples and 20 stitches in the back of his head,” said his mother Shamika Colbert. “There’s a school right across the street and people just come through here speeding. It’s ridiculous.”

Police say Daniel McDonald, 21, was behind the wheel of a red Chevrolet SUV when he hit the three children.

The name and age of the third victim in still unknown. McDonald told police he knew the children were injured but didn’t know how badly before he sped away to a nearby apartment complex, abandoning the vehicle and running off.

Angry neighbors who witnessed the incident detained the suspects until police got there, according to police.

Police performed a field sobriety test on McDonald and he was found not to be intoxicated, according to a police report.

McDonald was arrested and charged with two counts of Accident Personal Injury or Death.

Williams is hoping the city will reconsider the speed bump program or at least try to make the street safe with more signage.

“It would make me feel a whole lot better if the city came out here and put up a memorial sign and some speed bumps for my baby,” said Williams.

A city spokesman said residents can call the transportation department to request a stop sign. City engineers will do a study and later determine if a stop sign would be suitable for the area.

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